About us

Producer & Roaster Forum brings roasters and producers together in producing countries, resulting in strong, long-term relationships, conversations about the real issues and innovations in the industry, and green bean sales. Previously, PRF has been held in El Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia.

In 2023, we’ll be hosting the event in El Salvador. The country has a burgeoning coffee industry, with thousands of producers cultivating some of the world’s best shade-grown coffee. Despite this, however, it hasn’t historically been a major destination for industry events. As such, we see an opportunity to bring a high-quality, professional forum to the country to promote Salvadoran coffee on the international stage.

At all of our PRF events, we bring industry leaders from across the globe to present on a wide range of topics. Our speakers come from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas. The event also includes workshops, panels, cuppings, and other relationship-building activities.

We also invite roasters to sign up to an all-inclusive three-day Sourcing Trip Experience, where they stay in coffee farms and forge close business relationships with their host producers.

PRF is an event that is tailor-made for coffee roasters and coffee producers. It is the event that produces real relationships and long-term sales. It is the event that puts origin at the front of the conversation.

  • PRF is directly supported by PDG Media and by Perfect Daily Grind, the web-based, multilingual coffee publication reporting on all aspects of the supply chain, from farm to cup.

  • Sponsorship opportunities are available, offering companies promotion at the event and in social media coverage on all channels belonging to Producer & Roaster Forum and Perfect Daily Grind.

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