A central aim for all PRF events is to provide a platform for stakeholders’ long-term partnerships in the coffee industry. While the focus is usually on facilitating relationship building between producers and buyers, we also look to partner with brands that share our vision for producer-led coffee events in Latin America.

In line with this, we’re delighted to announce that both MTPak Coffee and Ally Coffee have agreed to multi-event sponsorships for future PRF events.

MTPak Coffee, a global leader in coffee packaging, will be a Gold Sponsor for the next two PRF events. Similarly, Ally Coffee, a green coffee trading company dedicated to moving the industry forward, has confirmed that it will be a Bronze Sponsor for the next four events.

Read on to learn more about these sponsorships and what they entail.

Gold Sponsor: MTPak Coffee

As a world-leading coffee packaging and coffee cup manufacturer, MTPak Coffee has partnered with a number of established specialty coffee brands around the world.

Today, MTPak Coffee continues to work towards producing eco-friendly coffee packaging, including recyclable and compostable options. These include low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polylactic acid (PLA) bags.

By sponsoring the next two PRF events, the company hopes to bring high-quality packaging and cup solutions to a range of international roasters. Founder Mark Zhou has also repeatedly outlined his passion for developing circular economy models in the coffee industry, which has been the focus of a number of PRF speeches in recent years. 

MTPak’s Gold Sponsorship commitment to the next two PRF events is a testament to our shared vision for the coffee industry, and we look forward to working more closely with the team at PRF El Salvador and PRF Colombia in 2023.

Bronze Sponsor: Ally Coffee

As an international green coffee trading company dedicated to moving coffee forward, Ally Coffee and PRF share a number of key aims. This includes putting coffee professionals in producing countries at the forefront of important industry conversations, and learning from their experience and expertise.

Ricardo Pereira, COO of Ally Coffee, explains that the company’s goals align with our mission for future PRF events.

“We’re proud to continue sponsoring and supporting the space PRF provides to coffee professionals, who can gain new insights and learn from each other whether through the Sourcing Trip Experience, listening to speakers and panel discussions, or tasting coffees at the cupping table,” he says.

In addition to this, Grupo Montesanto Tavares (Ally Coffee’s parent company) recently shared the group’s Sustainability Policy, formalizing the commitments that have always guided its sustainability activities. 

Many of these overlap with speeches and panel discussions that have previously been held at PRF on topics which are of major importance across the coffee industry.

“This policy is a reinforcement of our actions throughout the supply chain with an emphasis on coffee producing countries and our partners at origin,” Ricardo notes.

Ally Coffee has supported PRF since its inception in 2016. At past events, team members from the company have given speeches, joined panel discussions, and participated in coffee cuppings. We look forward to building on our longstanding relationship across the next four PRF events.

“We’re very excited to be part of PRF El Salvador, and we look forward to seeing new and familiar faces,” Ricardo adds.

Alongside the three-year Diamond Sponsorship recently confirmed with Mayorga Coffee, these multi-event sponsorships agreed with MTPak Coffee and Ally Coffee help us to deliver on our mission of hosting world-class coffee industry events in Latin America. 

We’re excited to work with these two returning sponsors, and look forward to partnering with them at PRF El Salvador and beyond.

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Ally Coffee & MTPak Coffee confirm multi-year sponsorship with PRF