Barista Jam by Pergamino at PRF Colombia

If latte art is your thing, and you’re attending PRF Colombia this month, why not show us your best pour? 

Our Barista Jam, hosted by Pergamino, will feature 32 contestants, three international judges, and three prizes. Anyone with a PRF ticket is eligible to participate, but spots are limited and only two people per company will be accepted. 

The elimination round will take place on Thursday, June 30th, and the finals on Friday, July 1st. Both will be held at the Café Pergamino Booth. 

To ensure everyone is on the same page, contestants will need to attend a mandatory orientation meeting shortly before the competition begins.
All supplies and equipment will be provided by Pergamino. See all the details here, and register now to secure your spot!

Barista Jam by Pergamino at PRF Colomvia premiará al mejor barista de latte art en Plaza Mayor, Medellín.

How latte art will be judged

The judging panel will be made up of three guest participants in attendance at PRF Colombia. Two contestants will pour at a time, and as soon as the judges have visually evaluated the set of drinks, on the count of three, each judge will choose which they consider to be the best. 

Presentation criteria include:

  • Symmetry 
  • Contrast and consistency
  • Close resemblance to the figure on the display chart

Looking to practice your skills ahead of time? Here are the six designs that will be accepted in the Barista Jam: 

Good luck and happy pouring!

Whether you’re planning on entering the Barista Jam or not, PRF Colombia is less than two weeks away.

To stay tuned in the lead-up to the event, register for our newsletter here and find our latest event news here. Furthermore, if you haven’t already bought your ticket, you can register and purchase one here.

See you in Medellín!

Barista Jam by Pergamino at PRF Colombia