How to become a volunteer at PRF Colombia

With just over three months until the start of PRF Colombia, applications are open for volunteers to attend and coordinate this world-leading coffee event.


Producer Roaster Forum (PRF) Colombia is the fifth edition of PRF, with previous events hosted in Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. This year, PRF will be hosted over two days in Medellín, Colombia in the heart of the country’s coffee-growing regions.

With more than 5000 local and international visitors expected to attend the forum, the PRF team has opened applications for volunteers to assist with coordinating and managing the event.

“The [PRF] event offers the opportunity for coffee professionals from all over the world – especially coffee producing countries  – to connect and engage with their counterparts from across the world,” says PRF Director, Julio Guevara.

“We’re excited to offer the opportunity for coffee lovers and those who work in the industry to be part of this event, and to make it our most successful forum yet.”


Volunteering at PRF Colombia offers numerous opportunities for attendees to network with key players in the international industry. This includes coffee growers, roasters, exporters, Q-graders, agronomists, cooperatives, organizations, cafeteria owners, hospitality executives, and more.

Volunteers at PRF Colombia will also receive a free ticket for the two-day forum, enabling them to access world-leading conferences, panels, and coffee tastings. In this way, they will be able to learn from the experience of the speakers and exhibitors. Additionally, upon the completion of the forum volunteers will also receive a complimentary Volunteer Badge, demonstrating their participation in the coordination of a global coffee event.

Sharif Rod, Communications Manager of PRF Colombia, explains that volunteers for the forum will acquire and develop the skills needed to manage a world-class coffee event.

“Those who volunteer to help manage and contribute to the [PRF] forum will not only get to meet some of the most influential leaders in the coffee sector, but will also learn what goes into managing events of this scale”, he says.

“In addition, volunteers will contribute to the progress that PRF wants to bring to the coffee industry in Colombia, to improve the situation of many producers in the country and help them get involved with the rest of the industry.”

PRF Volunteers will engage with coffee producers, roasters, and professionals from across the world.


If you are over 18 years old, a professional or a coffee enthusiast, you can apply to be a volunteer. At PRF Colombia, we look for people who are committed, enthusiastic, proactive and attentive to detail.

Successful applicants are able to participate as a volunteer in various areas of PRF Colombia, including:

  • Barista skills (filter and espresso)
  • Cupping skills/cupping lab management skills
  • Support for tastings/cuppings
  • Support with guest registration
  • Translation/interpretation to and from English
  • Support in VIP areas and networking experiences

The successful applicants will have to be available before the event to receive training in the area in which they will provide support.

PRF requires that the volunteers commit to a minimum of two four-hour shifts between the two days. The schedule will be from 9 am until 1:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Information for foreign and national applicants:

  • Volunteer registration for PRF Colombia does not cover any additional expenses such as visa, airplane or bus tickets, airport/hotel shuttles, hotel room expenses, food, or urban transportation.
  • All costs related to attendance before, during, and after the event must be covered by the registered volunteer (excepting the ticket to PRF Colombia.)
  • Attendees must have travel insurance and are responsible for procuring this themselves.
  • Volunteer registration will not have economic or any other type of remuneration by the organizer Producer & Roaster Forum Ltd (“PRF”.)
  • PRF will in no way be held liable or responsible for, or enter into any litigation concerning the health and welfare of attendees being in any way whatsoever affected by war, civil unrest, political instability, riots, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, any disease or any other events or occurrences which are within or beyond their control.
  • PRF reserves the right to refuse entry or to remove any attendee from an event venue if their behavior is deemed inappropriate for a professional event or a safety risk.

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How to become a volunteer at PRF Colombia