BWT water+more joins PRF El Salvador as Official Water & Cupping Sponsor


We’re proud to announce that BWT water+more, an international water treatment company renowned throughout the coffee sector, has joined PRF El Salvador as our Official Water & Cupping Sponsor.

BWT water+more will support all of our attendees’ water needs at PRF El Salvador, which will include supplying water for our Brew Bar and Espresso Bar, as well as the event’s cupping rooms.

This is the first sponsorship of this kind for any coffee event in Latin America, further outlining our commitment to deliver a world-class industry event for both local and international attendees. 

Water quality has been a key discussion point in the coffee industry over the last few years, and we’re excited that we’ll be able to continue that discussion in El Salvador.

Let’s take a closer look at the role the company will play at the event.


What is BWT water+more?

BWT water+more is a member of the global Best Water Technology Group (BWT) a company founded in Austria in 1990. BWT is a leading European brand in the water treatment industry, employing more than 5,000 people across 70 different affiliates and subsidiaries.

Antoine Communaudat is Export Area Manager at BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH. 

“Today, Latin America is increasingly consuming specialty coffees produced locally,” he says. “If you consider that an espresso is approximately 92% water – and an americano as much as 98% – you soon realize that water plays a crucial role in extracting flavors, which is why water quality is so important for the best results. This is where we come in!”

He adds that for more than 16 years, BWT has had a close relationship with the coffee sector, providing insight into the role water plays in coffee extraction.

“This close cooperation with various partners like baristas, roasters, and manufacturers of coffee machines has enabled our R&D teams to develop practical solutions for water optimization for coffee businesses around the world,” he says. “We’ve been able to create the exact tools that the coffee community needs and values.”

BWT Water filtration system barista

What role will BWT water+more play at PRF El Salvador?

Antoine explains that by becoming the Official Water & Cupping Sponsor at PRF El Salvador, BWT water+more will be able to show attendees just how important it is to use high-quality water when preparing coffee. Furthermore, in their role as Cupping Sponsor, BWT water+more will also provide all the water for our cupping sessions.

“To us, it is important that attendees, sponsors, and the entire PRF network realize that a very short and simple water-working routine can make the difference,” he elaborates. “We’ll help them to understand how to analyze water quality in a few steps, choose the right water filter solutions, as well as optimize coffee water quality and customer satisfaction and thus their business profitability.”

From 2022 to 2025, BWT water+more will be the Qualified Water Filtration Sponsor for the World Barista Championships, part of its mission to bring excellent water to the world of specialty coffee.

However, Antoine explains that BWT water+more products can help coffee businesses and baristas all across the industry – not only during competitions.

“By optimizing your raw water supply, you’ll not only guarantee great-tasting hot drinks every time, but you’ll also protect your delicate machine technology,” he explains. “The filter systems prevent limescale and gypsum deposits and ensure that the water has the right hardness, pH level, and mineral content for the perfect coffee.”

And as mentioned earlier, BWT water+more will be our partner for all water needs at PRF El Salvador, including for the coffees prepared at our Brew Bar and Espresso Bar, as well as in our cupping rooms.

BWT Water filtration system. Water bottle

Antoine concludes by explaining that PRF El Salvador is the ideal platform for BWT water+more to “encourage the ongoing market change in Latin America.”

For more information on PRF El Salvador, visit our news page here. Alternatively, contact a member of our team via email to learn more.

You can also read more about BWT water+more and its mission here.

BWT water+more joins PRF El Salvador as Official Water & Cupping Sponsor