Introducing Café de El Salvador at PRF!

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We’re incredibly pleased to announce that the Café de El Salvador (operated by Consejo Salvadoreño del Café, CSC), which manages and directs El Salvador’s coffee policy, has joined PRF El Salvador as an Official Partner.

Café de El Salvador has also announced that it will host the El Salvador National Barista Championship and the National Brewers Championship at PRF El Salvador. The winners of both events will go on to represent El Salvador at the World Coffee Championships in Athens, Greece later this year.

Let’s take a look at the work done by the CSC and how it will add value to our event.

Meet Café de el salvador, consejo salvadoreño del café at PRF EL SAlvador

What is Café de El Salvador?

Since 1989, CSC has been El Salvador’s official governing body for coffee production. Its works with stakeholders in both the private and public sectors and its overall vision is “to be a leading institution in facilitating the necessary instruments for the development of the coffee sector”.

Among its many duties, CSC oversees all activities related to coffee production, promotes a sustainable and competitive coffee culture, and promotes the nation’s coffee brand, Café de El Salvador, both locally and internationally.

“The CSC conducts various activities that encourage domestic consumption, improve the culture of consumption in the domestic market, generate business opportunities that contribute to foreign exchange for the country, and strengthen ties,” says Café de El Salvador.

“New professionals are trained through Escuela de Café de El Salvador, specializing in different topics like beverage preparation and trends in processing, with a focus on coffee quality that fosters a foundation for their development and professional growth.”

Café de El Salvador also operates a modern coffee laboratory that researches coffee quality and how to improve it. 

Join the cupping session with Consejo savadoreño del cafe at PRF EL SAlvador

Café de El Salvador at PRF El Salvador

Café de El Salvador brings an incredible weight of authority, knowledge, and experience to PRF El Salvador.

“[We expect] to support the individual and collective benefit of all coffee chain actors, generating added value to the product,” says Café de El Salvador. “Also, [we expect] to influence national and international consumption of [Salvadoran] specialty coffees, repositioning the brand of Salvadoran coffee production.”

Furthermore, the organization believes that it’s incredibly important for coffee professionals to visit producing countries and “make direct connections with local roasters familiar with locally produced varieties”.

“This allows international roasters to gain in-depth knowledge regarding ideal roast curves and profiles, meaning they can then implement these profiles [back at their roastery],” it says. 

Finally, it asserts that events like PRF El Salvador are “a window” into the world of producing countries. 

“[PRF] promotes the quality of Salvadoran coffees on the international stage, facilitating trade between producers and industry stakeholders, and helps us to learn about market trends, technological innovation, and training, among things.”

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The El Salvador National Barista Championship and National Brewers Championship

For the first time ever, PRF will host two official national coffee competitions: the El Salvador National Barista Championship and the National Brewers Championship.

“Competitions encourage professional growth for the baristas taking part in them,” the organization says. “This is one of the activities that forges a connection with specialty coffee producers, positioning the barista as a professional in the industry.”

It adds that these events also create hype around the importance of the barista profession, ultimately “promoting and improving the culture of internal consumption and highlighting the work carried out in various stages of the agro-production chain”.

“It’s an event that strengthens the talent of young participants, and thereby contributes to the economic and social development of the country,” it concludes.

coffee farmer from consejo salvadoreño del cafe at PRF EL SAlvador

We’re excited to have Café de El Salvador as an Official Partner at PRF El Salvador. Together, we can shine a spotlight squarely on Salvadoran coffee – as well as those who produce it.

For more information on the work done by the CSC, visit the official website here. You can also learn more about the Café de El Salvador brand here

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Introducing Café de El Salvador at PRF!