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☕ Here’s Why Roasters Should Join PRF: Farm Summit

We are thrilled to invite you to PRF: Farm Summit, taking place on a working farm in Colombia this October 17-18. Positioned as a key business event for the coffee industry, this farm summit goes beyond a typical conference. With over 1000 attendees, including producers from more than 10 countries and roasters from over 30 countries, it offers a unique, fully immersive farm experience. The summit serves as a strategic platform to propel business growth, enhance networking opportunities, and place you at the cutting edge of coffee innovation and sustainability.

Why Attend PRF: Farm Summit?

  • Direct Sourcing Connections: Forge direct trade relationships with producers from over 10 countries. This is your chance to secure coffee at its origin, ensuring quality and traceability.
  • Hands-On Farm Experience: Dive deep into the farm operations. Engage directly with the cultivation processes to better understand the product journey from seed to cup.
  • Networking with Industry Leaders: Connect with peers, pioneers, and influencers from across 30 countries. Expand your professional network, discover collaborative opportunities, and gain strategic insights.
  • Market Expansion Opportunities: Explore emerging consumer trends and new market potentials. Tailor your offerings to meet the evolving demands of the global coffee consumer.
  • Enhanced Program Features: Our farm program is the core of our event, featuring all the familiar elements from previous editions—booths, competitions, workshops, roundtables—but with a significant upgrade.
  • Participate in Competitions: Showcase your skills in roasting and cold brew competitions. Gain recognition and benchmark your offerings against the best in the industry.

Attending PRF: Farm Summit not only enhances your understanding of regenerative and organic practices but also strategically positions your brand in a competitive marketplace. Here, you’ll gain:

  • Insights into regenerative practices that are setting the new standards in sustainable coffee production.
  • Opportunities to engage with early adopters and leaders who are shaping the future of the coffee industry.

Here’s Why You Should Join PRF: Farm Summit 🌍

We are excited to invite coffee producers and industry participants to the PRF: Farm Summit, which will be held this October 17-18 on a working farm in Colombia. This summit is more than an event; it’s a strategic opportunity to connect with over 1,000 attendees, including producers from more than 10 countries and roasters from over 30 countries. The summit’s focus will be on regenerative and organic practices, equipping attendees with the knowledge to lead in sustainability and ethical sourcing in their markets.

Why should you attend?

  • Networking Opportunities: Build connections with roasters, green coffee buyers, and other key stakeholders. Expand your network and open doors to new business prospects.
  • Hands-On Farm Experience: Engage directly with a farm setting that appreciates and understands the needs of coffee farmers. Learn from others who share your dedication to coffee.
  • Market Trends Insight: Stay ahead by learning about the latest in regenerative practices, roasters preferences, and market demands. Use these insights to align your production with global trends.
  • Direct Feedback: Receive firsthand feedback from roasters and buyers on your coffee’s quality. Use this valuable information to refine your production strategies and improve your offerings.
  • Access to New Technologies & Products: Discover innovative technologies and products that can enhance your farming efficiency and coffee quality. Equip yourself with the tools needed to thrive in the competitive coffee market.
  • Funding and Scholarship Opportunities: Eligibility for funding programs aimed at supporting innovative projects and community initiatives.
    Export and Trade Guidance: Information on how to access and navigate new export markets and trade regulations.

🚨Don’t Miss Out: PRF Farm Summit in Colombia is here, Oct 17-18!

We’re thrilled to launch the PRF: Farm Summit, a dynamic new event format held entirely on a coffee farm and mill at Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera in Santander, Colombia. Each year, the Farm Summit will explore a different academic focus and theme, directly responding to the evolving needs of our industry.

This inaugural event focuses on regenerative and organic practices, offering strategies for producers to reduce costs, adapt to climate change, and boost yields. For roasters, it’s a chance to connect directly with innovative producers and explore new sourcing opportunities

We invite producers and roasters to join us for a series of hands-on workshops, farm tours, competitions, and more. This event will unite producers from 10+ origins and international roasters from 30+ countries, creating a fertile platform for sharing expertise and enhancing networking.

The Farm Summit will welcome up to 1,000 attendees, enabling unprecedented engagement with state-of-the-art agricultural practices and innovations right where coffee is grown. This venue supports activities previously unfeasible at traditional conferences.

While we will continue to host our annual two-day forums in cities across LATAM, the Farm Summit promises a more intimate experience, adapting each year to a new country and theme.

A message from PRF 📝

We’re thrilled to host the 8th edition of the Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) in Guatemala.

PRF is all about bringing together producers and roasters to drive innovation and collaboration. This year, we want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Make it a point to speak with people you wouldn’t usually interact with. Networking with new faces can open doors to unexpected opportunities and insights, enriching our community and pushing our industry forward.

 Let’s make PRF 2024 purposeful by exploring new possibilities together. 

Can’t wait to see the unique connections you’ll make in Guatemala. 

See you soon.

FECCEG 🇬🇹STE Host Sponsor

FECCEG’ association is a cozy bunch of rural producers from the Mam, K’iche’, Ixil, Kaqchikel, and Popti indigenous communities. We’re all about farming and we spread our love for agriculture across 9 areas in Guatemala: Cobán, Chimaltenango, Huehuetenango, San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Sololá, and Suchitepéquez. It’s pretty awesome what they do and where they do it! 🍒

They’re a colorful mix but all on the same team: Guys, gals, and the youth from various indigenous backgrounds pulling together to make their organic goodies a hit in the community market.

They’re like guardians of the green: Taking care of nature’s gifts in our backyards, munching on the healthy, organic stuff we grow. All about giving back to the community: We’re here to boost everyone’s well-being, development, and health – not just our crew but our customers too.

FECCEG is super passionate about their work: It’s all done with a whole lot of heart, and you can bet it shines through in the trust of their partners and patrons. Every win is a win for the whole squad.

Siquem Coffee Co. 🇬🇹 New STE Host Sponsor

Since founding in 1921 in the breathtaking region of Palencia, Guatemala, the company has been dedicated to growing and sharing the finest coffee beans with the world. With a legacy spanning about a century, they take immense pride in their heritage and the exceptional quality of their coffee.

At their farm, they firmly believe in maintaining strong relationships with the local community and the environment. They work closely with around 250 farmers, providing fair wages and empowering them with knowledge and resources.

Their commitment to excellence extends to every step of the process. From the careful handpicking of ripe cherries to the precise sorting and processing techniques, they ensure that only the finest beans make their way into your cup.

A Conversation with Ally about bridging the age gap in coffee production

Ally’s Coffee

A place where every coffee bean has its own story, from the sunny farms of Brazil to the bustling cafes around the world. This is where coffee lovers and coffee growers come together to share the love of a good cup of coffee.

At Ally’s Coffee, they believe in doing things the right way. That means working closely with farmers to make sure they grow the best coffee beans, and then helping them find coffee roasters who care just as much about quality as they do. It’s all about making sure that the coffee you drink is not only delicious but also made with respect for everyone involved in its journey.

The team at Ally’s Coffee are experts in coffee, and they’re excited to spread their knowledge. They teach, they share, and they make sure that the world of coffee is open to everyone. They’re not just selling coffee; they’re making friends, sharing stories, and building a community that loves coffee as much as they do.

Bridging Generations: What’s Brewing in the Age Gap Among Global Coffee Producers?

In the world of coffee production, a generational shift is brewing. Allied Coffee has observed a heartening trend: younger producers stepping up to join their elders, merging time-honored traditions with innovative practices. This is not just a change; it’s a renaissance of the coffee industry.

At the heart of this transformation are families like the Amharas in Brazil, where third-generation coffee producer Anderson Amhara is at the forefront. His family’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, including organic, shade-grown coffee, sets a precedent for others to follow. Their farm is a microcosm of this new era, complete with its own milling, exporting company, and even a coffee shop that reflects the family’s brand and ethos.

This pattern repeats across the globe. From the terraced farms of Panama to the highlands of Ethiopia, coffee-producing families are combining the wisdom of older generations with the energy and creativity of the young. This synergy is not only preserving the legacies of coffee families but is also pushing the industry toward a more sustainable and innovative future.

Allied Coffee’s statistics reveal that in Colombia, for instance, the average age of our partner producers is significantly younger than the national average. This wasn’t intentional but is a testament to the progressive spirit that Allied Coffee supports. It underscores the need for a support system that encourages the next generation of coffee growers.

In conclusion, the global coffee industry stands at a crossroads, with the potential for a more inclusive and sustainable future made possible by bridging the age gap. Allied Coffee not only celebrates this shift but also actively participates in fostering a community that supports and empowers it.

What Effective Strategies Are Closing the Age Gap in Coffee Production?

In the coffee industry, reaching the customer directly is an opportunity that forward-thinking growers like Julia have seized. She’s started her own brand of roasted coffee and opened coffee shops in the U.S., connecting with consumers personally and continuing her family’s legacy. This direct-to-consumer approach is reshaping how we think about coffee.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that blending the experience and know-how of the older generation with the fresh ideas and energy of the younger one is the key. It’s not about one replacing the other; it’s about working together to be better in the future. This combination can lead to a stronger, more innovative coffee industry for everyone.

How can we redefine the role of coffee producers to make the industry appealing to the younger generation, ensuring sustainability and diversification beyond just growing and selling green coffee?

In response to the pivotal question of redefining the role of coffee producers for a new generation, the answer lies in innovation and unity. The goal is to create platforms that give producers a voice beyond their farms. It’s about empowering them to understand and expand their business, to explore roles beyond just growing coffee.

For instance, providing opportunities for producers to interact with the coffee-drinking destinations offers a fresh perspective. Like Julia and others in the industry, including Lucas and Kyle from Osito, are demonstrating, there are various ways to approach this. Whether it’s by inviting producers to coffee events, engaging them in direct trade, or involving them in marketing their brand, it’s about highlighting their stories and expertise.

The unity of the industry is fundamental. By joining forces, the coffee community becomes stronger and more capable of enacting positive change. Celebrating the innovative steps individuals are taking, and encouraging more to join this movement, is essential. Together, we can make the coffee industry not only more appealing to the younger generation but also ensure its sustainability and diversification for years to come.

☕️ Introducing the French Press Championship ☕️

As one of the most popular brewing methods in the world, the French press is one of the most iconic and beloved ways to prepare coffee.

For the first time, PRF Guatemala will host the French Press Championship in partnership with coffee brewer and accessory company Bodum – who will provide the equipment for the competition.

The French Press Championship is another accessible brewing competition which aims to make competing more inclusive for all attendees. Once more, it allows coffee professionals and enthusiasts from across the supply chain to participate.

Rules & format

A total of 21 participants will take part in the French Press Championship. All competitors must have their own grinder and kettle, but will be provided with a Bodum French press, scales, a stirrer or spoon, a timer, and a cup.

The competition will take place over three stages, with prizes for the top three highest-scoring competitors. All French Press Championship participants will also receive a gift.

  • The first elimination stage will take place over seven rounds
    • During each round, three competitors will prepare coffee at the same time
      • Only ground coffee and water can be used (no additional ingredients are permitted)
      • If there is a specific competition coffee then only this coffee can be used
      • Competitors may use a maximum of 35g dose in their recipe
      • Competitors must prepare a minimum of 200ml of brewed coffee
    • All competitors have 15 minutes to grind, brew, and present their coffee
    • All coffees are then served to a panel of three judges in identical cups


The judges will blindly evaluate each coffee and make a private assessment to decide on their favorite. At the count of three, all judges will simultaneously point to their preferred coffee.

The winner of each round then advances to semi-finals, and then the final round which will include the top three competitors.

  • Each round will be judged blind, using a cupping spoon technique
  • Competitors’ names will be marked on the bottom of the cups
  • There is no score sheet or formal evaluation criteria
  • Each judge will come to their own conclusion without discussing the samples with fellow judges
  • After judging, the winning cup will be lifted to reveal the name of the winner
  • In the event that all three judges point to different cups, a predetermined head judge will taste the coffees and choose a winner

The championship will take place on 7 & 8 March 2024 at the two-day forum. Prospective competitors must apply in advance and have a PRF Guatemala ticket to take part. 
The registration deadline for the French Press Championship is 16 February 2024, and you can apply by filling out this form.

Bringing the Cold Brew Championship to Guatemala 🍹☕️

The first edition of the Cold Brew Championship was held at PRF Colombia in 2022, and the competition has grown ever since. On 7 & 8 March 2024, PRF Guatemala will host the fourth edition – with competitors going head-to-head to prepare two cold brew-based beverages for a panel of judges.

The winner of the first competition was Mauricio Romero from Colombia. In the edition held at PRF El Salvador, the winners were Juan Aristizabal from Colombia and Julia Dziadevych from Hungary. Finally, at the most recent championship held in Colombia, the winner was Jean Pierre Acero Cechetti of Fecve Lab from Venezuela.

The Cold Brew Championship will encourage coffee professionals to experiment with cold coffee beverages, and its designer drink round pushes competitors to innovate. 

Thanks to the format of the championship, it is also accessible and inclusive for attendees from all across the supply chain – not just experienced coffee competitors and baristas.

Toddy is the Official Cold Brew Sponsor for PRF Guatemala, and will supply the competition equipment.

Jean Pierre Acero Cechetti, the reigning Cold Brew Champion of the competition, explains how important this opportunity was for him: “I am very happy to represent my country, to use a Venezuelan coffee and to have won the competition with it. Thanks to PRF for giving me this award.”

The rules & format

Prior to PRF Guatemala, all successful Cold Brew Championship competitors must attend an orientation meeting via Zoom. This meeting will provide further explanations about the competition rules, space, and schedule, and will give participants the opportunity to ask any questions.

Presentations can be in either Spanish or English, with volunteer translators available to assist if necessary. It’s important to note, however, that no additional time will be given for translations.

Each competitor should be present and ready at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time – otherwise they may face disqualification. Competitors will also be responsible for keeping the preparation area clean for the next participant.

  • On day one, competitors will prepare their cold brew concentrate
  • On the morning of day two, competitors will be able to practise creating their designer drink using their concentrate
  • During their performance, each competitor has ten minutes to prepare and serve their cold brew dilution and designer drink to the judges
    • Competitors should explain why they selected their coffee, their chosen brewing variables, and flavour notes and mouthfeel, as well as demonstrating excellent customer service skills throughout
    • Their presentation should enhance the overall beverage experience
    • Performance time ends when the competitor concludes by thanking the judges


The judges are looking for a Cold Brew Champion who: 

  • Prepares cold brew coffee beverages to exemplary quality standards
  • Delivers outstanding customer service
  • Clearly articulates the sensory experience of their cold brew and designer drinks
  • Delivers an overall exceptional coffee and customer service experience

Cold Brew Championship judges will assess competitors based on several criteria:

  • Sensory score sheet (on a scale from 1 to 10), including:
    • Aroma (competitors also need to provide a ground coffee sample for this specific assessment)
    • Flavour
    • Acidity
    • Body
    • Sweetness
    • Balance
    • Overall
  • Evaluation score sheet for concentrated and diluted cold brew:
    • Judges will make sensory evaluation notes for both
  • Designer drink evaluation
    • Prior to serving, competitors can provide specific instructions on how they want the beverage to be consumed
    • Sensory and visual scoresheets categories include flavor, balance, temperature, mouthfeel, and overall impression
    • Judges will also score based on creativity, design and visual appeal, overall presentation, and whether the drink would work on a coffee shop menu
  • A head judge will assess proper hygiene practices during each performance

Competitors should be engaging and professional, and each presentation should draw in elements of a real-world coffee service experience. All competitors will receive either a physical or digital copy of their scoresheets. 

Prospective competitors must apply in advance and have a PRF Guatemala ticket to take part. 
The registration deadline for the Cold Brew Championship is 16 February 2024, and you can apply by filling out this form.

🔥The Global Roasting Contest will return at PRF Guatemala 🔥

The first-ever Global Roasting Contest took place at PRF El Salvador in March 2023 – and featured an unprecedented collaborative judging format unlike any other coffee competition. 

The winner of the first competition was Shaun Aupiais of Red Band Academy from South Africa, and at PRF Colombia that same year, the title went to Alejandro Macias of Lusitania Coffee Co. from Colombia.

Unlike other roasting competitions, the Global Roasting Contest is designed to be inclusive and accessible for local attendees, as well as those who don’t always have the means to participate in other global competitions. There’s no need to buy an extremely expensive roaster to train on.

Ultimately, the Global Roasting Contest will once more highlight and celebrate the work of roasters from around the world at PRF Guatemala. Its low barriers to entry make competing more democratic, while its unique format mitigates judging fatigue and encourages all event attendees to take part.

The event will bring together coffee-roasting professionals from around the world to showcase their expertise and talent. The competition will take place on 7 and 8 March 2024, with all coffees roasted on day one and judged on day two.

The rules

On 6 March, there will be a preliminary round when competitors will be divided into pairs. Each pair has 45 minutes to test the competition machine and ask any technical questions. Additionally, each team will receive 150g of washed green coffee and 150g of natural or anaerobic processed green coffee. Competitors can take their roasted coffee samples with them.

On 7 March:

  • Each competitor receives 150g of washed green coffee and 150g of natural or anaerobic processed coffee (these will be the exact same coffees received on 6 March)
  • Every competitor has 35 minutes to prepare their station, roast one batch of washed coffee, one batch of natural/anaerobic coffee, and create a blend
    • The blend must contain a minimum amount of 150g of beans, as well as the competitor’s first and last name, the percentage of coffees included in the blend, and the total performance time

On 8 March:

  • The judges will blindly evaluate all samples according to Specialty Coffee Association cupping protocols
    • In cases where several competitors receive the same score, their performance time will be considered
    • The winner is the competitor with the shortest performance time, as well as the highest score
  • Coffees roasted by the second, third, and fourth place competitors will be served at the Brew Bar by PRF volunteers
    • All PRF attendees can vote for their favorite coffee, and the competitor with the most votes will be the people’s choice winner
  • Final round
    • While the judges deliberate on the technical winner, all finalists’ samples will be served at the Brew Bar
    • All PRF attendees can taste all three samples and anonymously cast a vote for their favorite coffee via a ballot box
  • A technical winner will be announced based on the judges’ scores, as well as the people’s choice winner

At least eight coffee professionals can take part in the Global Roasting Contest, which is open to international applicants. All prospective competitors need to apply in advance and have at least two years of roasting experience, as well as experience working with a wide range of roast profiles.

Additionally, applicants should be able to cope well under pressure and in a competitive environment, and must have a PRF ticket to apply.

The registration deadline for the Global Roasting Contest is 20 February 2024, and you can apply by filling out this form.

🎙️The Speakers LineUp is here! 🎙️

We’re thrilled to announce the first speakers who have confirmed their attendance at PRF Voices in Guatemala 2024.

The coffee industry’s largest producer-focused event is returning to Guatemala in Anacafé, on March 7 & 8, 2024. Our speakers are leading experts in their fields. 

Attendees will hear them discuss some of the most pressing issues and potential solutions, in the global coffee sector 

  • Albert Scalla (EE.UU) – Senior Vice President of Trading at StoneX Group
  • Ana Lucrecia Glaesel (Guatemala) – Marketing and Communications Manager of Guatemalan Coffees
  • Eduardo Choza (EE.UU) – Director of Coffee of Mayorga Coffee
  • Joaquim Rogerio (Brasil) – Trader América central of Pinhalense
  • Konstantinos Vallianos (Greece) – Head Green Coffee Buyer of Kafeaterra
  • Raúl Rodas (Guatemala) – CEO of Paradigma Coffee Roasters
  • Laura Holguin Sterling (Colombia) – Research Assistant of Cenicafé
  • Ashley Prentice (Guatemala) – Founder of Gento Coffee
  • Renaud Cuchet (Guatemala) – Managing Director of Efico Central America
  • James Harper and Jonathan Morris (Alemania & UK) – Producers of A History of Coffee podcast.
  • Cleia Junqueira (EAU) – General Manager of The Coffee Connoisseur Collective
  • Giselle Barrera (El Salvador) – Founder of Latinas in Coffee

⏪ PRF Year-In-review is here! 🎆

We reflect on 2023 filled with shared successes, collaborative achievements, and the passion for the good of coffee that defines our international community. 🙌

1,000 scholarships offered

to small coffee producers*

  • Top countries: Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Perú
  • Male 61% – Female 39%
  • 60% of scholars under the age of 40 

*The producer scholarships were made possible through our partnership with our Diamond Sponsor Mayorga Coffee.

$22.5 million USD.

coffee trade in PRF

  • 120+ brands exhibited
  • Top categories: packaging, coffee shops, roasteries, entrepreneurships, exporters, professional machinery
  • 500+ green coffee buyers attended the event

90 international roasters and green coffee buyers

  • Visited 10 coffee farms 
  • Bought Bourbon, Castillo, Pacamara and Gesha
  • Bought washed, natural, honey and fermentation experiments

1,500+ Coffee Producers

attended PRF in 2023

  • Top Countries: Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Perú

6 Championships were held

between El Salvador and Colombia

  • Cold Brew Championship
  • Global Roasting Coffee Contest
  • Barista and Brewing Championships

340 volunteers

  • Top countries: Colombia, El Salvador and Honduras
  • 25+ countries

33 Cupping Sessions

generating sales and exporting coffee to places like Spain, Serbia, Canada and USA

89 International Speakers

were part of PRF Voices.

  • Top Countries: Colombia, El Salvador, USA and UK
  • Languages: Spanish – English

🌟Happy Holidays – See you next year in Guatemala 🌟

As we wrap up another year filled with the rich aroma of freshly brewed moments, we find ourselves reflecting on the warmth and joy that our shared love for coffee has brought to our community. This holiday season, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, for being an essential part of our journey.

Passion is the heartbeat of our brand, and it’s the driving force that fuels every experience lived in each PRF event this 2023. The events at El Salvador and Colombia featured enlightening lectures, workshops, panels, cupping sessions, workshops and various relationship-building activities, we’ve created a community that goes beyond borders, connecting coffee professionals & enthusiasts, across the vibrant landscapes of Latin America.

In this season of giving, let us celebrate the trust that binds us, the passion that drives us, and the community that unites us. May your holiday season be a blend of cherished moments, surrounded by the comforting embrace of family, and friends.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with love, laughter, and the perfect cup of coffee sourced through PRF.

The Producer & Roaster Forum Team

You wish, we listen: Early Bird Prices!

Want to source coffee from Guatemala?

Explore knowledge and business opportunities while immersing into the unique experience of sourcing green coffee at origin.

This exclusive journey is designed for roasters and green buyers, hosted by some of Guatemala’s top-ranked producers (Cup of Excellence and PCA One of A Kind Guatemala).

Stay on or near the coffee farm or mill for a firsthand exploration of every step of coffee production. Seize this one-of-a-kind opportunity to intimately understand the inner workings of the premier processing of top-notch coffee varieties.

What does it include?

  • Transport to the farm
  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Transport back to Guatemala City in time for PRF
  • 1 ticket
  • Full PRF access
  • Farm tours
  • Cuppings with producers
  • Wet mills & dry mills tours
  • Visit processing facilities
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Networking opportunities

Reserve your Coffee Pavilion Stand for PRF Guatemala 🇬🇹

What’s a Coffee Pavilion station?

Branded stations where your team and brand can interact with coffee producers, roasters, final consumers, exporters, and other coffee industry pros at PRF.

This is our budget-friendly exhibition area featuring affordable, easy-to-work-with pre-built spaces. Perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups and visionaries in the field.

With a total of 14 stations, this is a fantastic opportunity to draw attention and build connections with potential clients from the PRF’s international community!

💎Introducing our Diamond Sponsor 💎

Since 1997, Mayorga Coffee has garnered a distinguished reputation as industry leaders by choosing collaboration over conventional trade practices with coffee producers. Founded on an enduring commitment, Mayorga Coffee stands beside Latin American producers unwaveringly.

Representing, supporting, and celebrating Latin American culture is at the core of Mayorga Coffee’s purpose. This ethos resonates throughout every aspect of their business operations and guides the decisions they make.

Producers – Apply for a Mayorga Scholarship! 🇬🇹

In partnership with Mayorga Coffee’s Beca Mayorga initiative, we’re offering 500 scholarships for producers! Scholars will receive full-access tickets to attend the two-day forum at Anacafé in Guatemala City.

Beca Mayorga Scholarships are available to all coffee producers.

Priority will be given to those from remote areas who generally have less access to financial resources and would greatly benefit from the opportunity to network with green buyers. We especially encourage women and young producers from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to apply.

The application deadline is January 30, 2024, but space is limited – don’t delay!

San Miguel Coffees 🇬🇹New STE Host Sponsor

San Miguel Coffees‘ commitment revolves around single-origin specialty coffees, cultivating direct producer-roaster ties enriched by decades of experience. 🍒

For over 130 years, San Miguel Coffees has been deeply rooted in the coffee industry, witnessing its evolution and consistently adapting to meet changing market demands. In 2009, San Miguel was established to foster genuine connections with producers and customers, emphasizing lasting relationships. 

Their triple-win philosophy dictates that success must be mutual for clients, producers, and themselves, avoiding middlemen for transparent, sustainable transactions. San Miguel Coffees collaborates with leading specialty roasters in eight countries, inviting others to witness firsthand the genuine relationships, transparency, and sustainability at the heart of their operations in Guatemala.

Sourcing Trip Experience (STE) tickets available for roasters and green coffee buyers

You are invited to PRF Guatemala’s STE 🍒:

  • 4 immersive days
  • Curated small groups of roasters & buyers
  • Education & business opportunities 
  • Source green coffee onsite like never before

Exclusively curated for roasters and green buyers, STE is hosted by some of Guatemala’s top producers. Guests will stay on or near the estate or mill, experiencing all aspects of production firsthand.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get intimately acquainted with the inner workings of top Guatemalan coffee farms. All-inclusive experience includes farm and mill tours, easy pick-up at your arrival, in-country transport, accommodations and meals from March 3 – 6, 2024.

Meet our PRF Sponsors 🇬🇹

Joining the official event sponsors Mayorga Coffee (Diamond,) MTPak Coffee (Gold), One BIGG Island in Space (Gold), Banco Industrial (Silver) and Ally Coffee (Bronze). Category-exclusive sponsors provide support for a particular aspect of the forum and bring you a world-leading industry event. 

Official Espresso Bar Sponsor:

Official Cupping And Water Sponsor:

Official Brew Bar Sponsor:

Official Cold Brew Bar And Championship Sponsor:

Official Host Country:

Official Media Sponsor: