Coffee Producers: Here’s how to prepare for PRF Colombia

PRF Colombia is set to be a platform for Colombian coffee producers and other industry professionals to forge long-lasting relationships. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming farmers to the two-day forum in Medellín, but we understand that attendees may be wondering how to navigate the event. We’ve put together a few specific points for you to focus on so that you can get the best out of your PRF experience. Let’s take a look.

Check out the agenda

As part of the two-day forum, we’ve curated a lineup of speakers from around the world. To make sure you attend the events that are most suitable for you, we recommend planning ahead.

A good place to start is by looking at our agenda, which outlines the time and title of each speech or panel discussion. Most events last between 25 to 40 minutes, so keep that in mind when choosing which ones to attend.

Additionally, attendees have been given the opportunity to register for workshops and cupping sessions. If you are one of them, you will need to check this schedule for workshops and this one for cuppings.

If you haven’t yet registered, we urge you to do so as soon as possible. Spaces are extremely limited, VIP tickets are sold out and if you delay, there’s a good chance that you’ll miss out entirely. 

Think about networking

Aside from the speeches and workshops taking place at PRF Colombia, the forum will also be a platform for producers, green coffee buyers, and other coffee professionals to network.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the roasters who will be attending, as well as all exhibitors at the event. We recommend looking through and thinking about anyone you might like to meet beforehand, or making a note of anyone you might have met before. At the end of the day, research will pay dividends.

We also strongly suggest that you do the following in the weeks before you arrive:

  • Spend time on the websites of exhibitors, roasters, and sponsors. This will give you insight into what they sell or what services they offer and where they are based.
  • If you plan on meeting them at PRF Colombia, try getting in touch before the event. Social media channels are a great way to do this, as are website contact forms.
  • If possible, print business cards to share with exhibitors and other attendees.
  • Ensure that your own online channels are easy for potential partners to access. Keep details on your email address, website, and social media channels to hand.
  • Engage with other attendees on social media before the event.
  • Keep an eye out for any activities taking place beyond or outside the event, including parties and meet-ups.

For the forum itself, we have a few more tips:

  • The dress code for the event will be smart casual.
  • Bring something along to take notes with! A notebook is always a great idea.
  • Consider writing down some questions for potential clients or partners ahead of time.
  • Make sure you have a goal for the event – who do you want to speak to?
  • Finally, always make sure you’re showing a genuine, sincere interest when networking.
Register for our coffee cupping sessions at prf colombia.

Floor plan & Covid-19 measures

Plaza Mayor is a sizable venue, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with the floor plan before you arrive. You can view it here and plan your day around it.

As per local and national government regulations, Plaza Mayor has put several measures in place to limit the spread of Covid-19 at the event. With more than 5,000 guests expected to attend the two-day event, we’ve put a number of regulations in place to keep everyone safe.

For a full breakdown of Covid-19 protocol at PRF Colombia, click here. Here are the main points to note, however:

  • Make use of the hand sanitising stations placed around the venue and regularly wash your hands.
  • Try to wear a facemask whenever possible. Free facemasks will be made available.
  • Avoid greetings such as hugging, kissing, or handshakes.
  • Avoid sharing cups, plates, and cutlery.
  • If you think you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, inform a PRF team member immediately.

With PRF Colombia less than a month away, it’s time to prepare and plan so that you get the most out of the forum.

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Coffee Producers: Here’s how to prepare for PRF Colombia