Dates confirmed for PRF 2022

Producer & Roaster Forum will be held on June 30 and July 1, 2022.

The dates have now been confirmed for the latest edition of PRF 2022, which will take place in Colombia.

The first in-person PRF event since 2019 will take place in Colombia, with the PRF Origin Trip Experience and in-person forum running from June 26 and July 1. 

The timing of PRF 2022 will coincide with the height of the harvest season for many producers in Colombia, allowing attendees to experience the harvest, processing, and preparation of coffee firsthand. 

The PRF Origin Trip Experience will take place over four days in June, 2022.
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PRF Origin Trip Experience: June 26 – June 29

Over the course of four days, attending roasters and other coffee professionals will be able to experience Colombian coffee production first hand as part of the PRF Origin Trip Experience.

Confirmed attendees for this experience trip will be placed in groups of 20, and will stay with local hosts on coffee farms across Colombia. During the course of their stay, visitors will meet engage in a numbers of visits and activities, including (but not limited to):

  • Visiting coffee farmers
  • Travelling to various wet and dry mills
  • Observing and participating in harvesting
  • Witnessing processing techniques and practices
  • Participating in cupping sessions
  • Roundtable discussions with producers

The PRF Origin Trip Experience will also allow visiting roasters to form relationships and partnerships with producers across Colombia. PRF co-founder Henry Wilson says that providing the foundation for these relationships is a central aim of PRF.

“PRF is about creating real relationships and partnerships between producers and roasters, which eventuate in sales and long term collaboration,” he says. “By allowing producers to showcase the quality of their work to visitors, they’re able to show the value of their coffee and demonstrate the issues, innovations, and complexities involved in its production.” 

The main event of Producer & Roaster Forum 2022 will take place in Medellín, Colombia.
Pictured: Plaza Mayor, Medellín

Producer & Roaster Forum: June 30 – July 1

After the PRF Origin Trip Experience, the in-peron PRF  will take place in Medellín over the course of two days. 

The forum will host an extensive programme of educational workshops, lectures, panel discussions, cuppings, presentations from industry leaders, and networking opportunities for roasters, producers and other members of the global coffee community

PRF Director Julio Guevara explains why the forum is such a hotbed for coffee sector innovation and collaboration.

“We bring industry leaders from across the globe to PRF to present on a wide range of topics, participating in a range of workshops, panels, lectures and other activities,” Julio says. 

“Previous [PRF] events have hosted everything from the world’s first coffee blockchain auction to innovative scholarship schemes; the event has always been at the forefront of the industry.”

One of the largest cities in Colombia, Medellín and the surrounding region of Antioquia are hubs for the production and trade of Colombian coffee.

“Medellín is one of the most important cities for coffee in Colombia, with many influential and innovative industry leaders in the country using it as a base,” Julio says.

“We are excited to work with local businesses and organisations to promote Colombian coffee to the world, and to share its importance with visitors from all walks of life in the coffee sector.”

If you’re interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, attending the PRF Origin Trip Experience or the forum in Medellín, subscribe to the PRF newsletter or get in touch with a member of our team. 

The PRF Origin Trip Experience will allow roasters to experience coffee cultivation, harvesting, and processing first-hand. 

Dates confirmed for PRF 2022