Producer Roaster Forum Ltd (“PRF”) is the organiser of the 2022 Producer Roaster Forum event to be held in Colombia.

By booking a ticket for the event, all attendees (whether participating in the event as a speaker, guest or otherwise) acknowledge the following:

  • All event tickets are non-refundable.

  • Attendees are responsible for their own travel costs to Colombia for the event, including without limitation: flights and visas. If the event is cancelled, PRF is not liable for any costs incurred by the attendees, including without limitation: flights and visas.

  • Attendees must have travel insurance and are responsible for procuring this themselves.

  • Attendees shall be liable for any damage they cause to property or a third party during their stay in Colombia for the event.

  • PRF will in no way be held liable or responsible, or enter into any litigation concerning the health and welfare of attendees being in any way whatsoever affected by war, civil unrest, political instability, riots, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, any disease and any other events or occurrences which are within or beyond their control.

  • Attendance at the event is entirely at the attendee’s own risk, this includes any dealings with subcontractors, coffee producers or other suppliers. 

  • PRF reserves the right to refuse entry or to remove any attendee from an event venue, if their behaviour is inappropriate for a professional event or is a safety risk.