It’s time to get ready for PRF El Salvador!

Espresso Bar PRF El Salvador

That’s right – PRF El Salvador is now just weeks away, and our excitement levels are through the roof. We can’t wait to welcome thousands of coffee industry professionals to our celebration of Salvadoran specialty coffee on March 16 & 17 at the Salamanca Exhibition Center in San Salvador.

The two-day forum is set to be packed with an impressive array of presentations and activities, including lectures, panel discussions, workshops, cupping sessions, and a world-class PRF Exhibition Floor.

Attendees can also expect to witness coffee professionals at the top of their game competing in several coffee competitions, including two SCA-sanctioned events that will serve as qualifiers for the World Coffee Championships.

Let’s take a look at the PRF El Salvador lineup and how you can prepare for the Central American coffee industry event of the decade.

Conferences at PRF COlombia

A wealth of educational opportunities

PRF events have always stood out from other industry trade shows with their curated lineups of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and cupping sessions. PRF El Salvador is no different.

One of PRF’s key aims for this event is to champion El Salvador as a knowledge center for specialty coffee in Central America. 

To achieve this, we’ve put together a lineup of industry-leading speakers from across the supply chain. This will also include a full roster of Spanish speakers, many of whom have extensive experience in coffee production.

Find out more about our confirmed lectures and panel discussions here.

Alongside these lectures and panel discussions, PRF El Salvador will also host hands-on workshops, and cupping experiences aimed at informing and engaging attendees.

Find out more about our confirmed PRF workshops and cupping sessions here.

Keep in mind that there are limited spots available for both workshops and cupping sessions. It’s absolutely vital that you register well ahead of time!

Dale Harris at PRF Colombia 2022

The stage is set for intense coffee competitions

We’re thrilled to welcome the Toddy Cold Brew Championship back to PRF in El Salvador. In this high-stakes brew-off, competitors face off over both days to create their best possible cold brew using Toddy’s Cold Brew Cupping Kit and filters. 

Read more about the competition here.

We’re also excited to announce the first edition of the PRF Roasting Championship, run in partnership with our Official Roasting Sponsor, !FEST Coffee Mission. The PRF El Salvador Roasting Championship will see competitors use Aillio Bullet roasters to showcase their skills.

It’s the first event of its kind in El Salvador, and you can read more about it here.

Last, but not least, PRF El Salvador will have the honor of hosting both the El Salvador National Barista Championship and Brewers Championship, made possible by our partnership with Café de El Salvador.

The winners of both events will go on to represent El Salvador at the World Coffee Championships later this year, marking this as an immense moment in PRF history. 

Competitors will also be mentored by 2017 World Barista Champion, Dale Harris, and 2017 Australian Brewers Cup Champion, Sam Corra. To learn more about these two incredible competitions, click here.

Guests PRF COlombia

At the end of the day, PRF El Salvador is simply going to be the best place for global coffee professionals – including roasters and green coffee buyers – to connect with Salvadoran producers and exporters.

PRF is all about nurturing and facilitating these connections. El Salvador has a burgeoning coffee industry, with thousands of producers cultivating some of the world’s best shade-grown coffee. 

It hasn’t historically been a major destination for industry events, but we’re changing that in a big way by promoting Salvadoran and Central American coffee on the international stage.

Please carefully review our terms & conditions and code of conduct prior to attending PRF El Salvador. If you have any further questions, feel free to email the PRF Coordinator at

See you in San Salvador!

It’s time to get ready for PRF El Salvador!