Global Coffee Roasting Contest

!FEST Coffee Mission, a world-class specialty green coffee sourcing company, joins PRF Colombia as the Official Roasting Sponsor for the Global Coffee Roasting Contest.

How does the Global Coffee Roasting Contest work?

The competition will bring international coffee roasting professionals together on a competitive platform, where they will showcase their skills and talents.
The competition will take place on 14 and 15 September 2023, with all coffees roasted on day one and judged on day two.

Competition Process:

September 13th organizational meeting

  1. Introduction of ROEST 
  2. Preliminary round
  3. Competitors chosen by the preliminary round will be divided into pairs. Every pair has 45 minutes to try out the machine and ask Roest representative technical questions. Every pair receives greens: 150 g of washed 150 g of natural/anaerobic coffee. Competitors can take roasted coffee with them.

September 14th Competition day

  1. Every competitor is given greens: 150 g washed coffee and 150 g natural coffee (the same coffees from the test)
  2. Competitors have 35 minutes to prepare their station, roast 1 batch of washed coffee, 1 batch of natural/anaerobic? coffee, make a blend and deliver a minimum 150 g of blended coffee in a bag with information: Name(s), Surname(s), % of each coffee in a blend, time used for performance
  3. Disqualification:
  • Overtime
  • Less than 150 g delivered

September 15th Judging day

  • In blind cupping, judges will evaluate all lots according to SCA cupping protocol. In case several competitors will have the same score, time of performance will be considered. The winner will be a competitor with the shortest performance time.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places lots will be delivered to Brew Bar, where volunteers will brew these lots, and all visitors can vote. The competitor with the most votes will be the people’s choice winner.

Final round

  • While judges deliberate on the technical winner, all finalist samples will be served at the Brew Bar.
  • Attendees can taste all five samples and anonymously cast a vote for their favorite coffee via a ballot box.
  • A winner will be announced based on the judges’ scores, and another based on the “people’s choice”.

Who can participate?

  • At least eight coffee professionals will take part in the competition.
  • Participants need to pre-apply and have at least two years of roasting experience and experience working with a wide range of roast profiles.
  • The competition is open to international applicants.
  • Applicants should be able to cope well under pressure and in a competitive environment.
  • Participants must have a PRF ticket to enter the competition.

Participants need to have a PRF Colombia ticket (get your ticket here) and register below.

Please note that the registration deadline is August 15th.

Roasting sample coffee on ROEST for the Global Coffee Roasting Contest at PRF Colombia.
A competitor of the Global Coffee Roasting Contest inspecting green coffee beans at PRF.
A competitor of the Global Coffee Roasting Contest at PRF roasting coffee samples.