Highlighting our lineup of Colombian speakers

Since its first iteration, PRF’s mission has always been to showcase the work of people at origin. This year, we’re aiming to drive green coffee sales in Colombia and help producers and other supply chain professionals build long-term business relationships.

At the centre of this are the Colombian coffee professionals who are set to share their knowledge and experience with attendees at the Plaza Mayor venue in Medellín. More than 25 Colombian coffee experts will cover a range of topics, including production, sustainability, processing, and farm profitability. 
We’re proud and grateful to have the participation of these guests, as they speak directly to some of the foremost issues that are specifically relevant to the Colombian coffee industry. Let’s take a look at some of these speakers and several of the topics they’ll cover.

From sustainability to education and beyond

PRF Colombia is set to address a number of issues and topics that are principally relevant to the coffee industry. As such, we’ve ensured that experts from a range of fields will educate and inform attendees over the course of the two-day forum.

In particular, we recognise a growing focus on sustainability across the coffee supply chain, and recognise the need to look ahead at the future of the industry – particularly in Colombia. Part of this is obviously a need to focus on education, which will address a growing generational gap.

Here are a few of the lectures by our Colombian speakers which cover these topics:

  • Sustainability: Can We Involve the Entire Coffee Industry? – Olga Lucia Cuellar Gomez – Promising Crops
  • How to Educate Rural Communities in the Specialty Coffee Market – José Milton Cardona Gómez – Cocora Agroindustrial SAS
  • Building Relationships & Respecting Cultural Differences: A Guide for Successful Coffee Businesses – Catalina González Calle – Dos Mundos Capital & Trade
  • Exploring The Impact Of Women In The Colombian Coffee Sector – Nicol Mariana Moreno Melo – Constantine Café

Improving coffee quality and adopting new technologies

Innovation is another prominent topic across the coffee industry, particularly at origin. As such, it’s becoming increasingly important to give a platform to the experts who are driving these changes. 

Here are some of the relevant lectures on innovation at origin at PRF Colombia:

  • Using Technology to Produce Sustainable, High-Quality Coffee – Hugo Andres López – Innovakit SAS Bic
  • How Important is Sensory Analysis for Producers? – Gustavo Valderrama Tascon – TCV Coffee Solutions
  • A Guide to Transitioning to Specialty Coffee Production – Daniela Maya – Grupo Empresarial Accresco
  • Quality Control: Is It a Barrier for Producers Entering New Markets? – Martha Liliana Ospina – Cooperativa de Caficultores de Antioquia

Other topics at farm & production level

We also have a range of other topics which look more at technical expertise at farm level, from the use of fertilisers to adding value during milling.

Here are a few of them:

  • Exploring Fertilisers: Chemical vs. Sustainable Techniques & Biofertilisation – Juan Vélez – Bold Coffee Company
  • Making the Coffee Industry a Passion for Younger Generations – Luis Eduardo López G – Pacific Wind EDC
  • How to Add Value During Dry Milling – Gerardo Alberto Ramos Agredo – Sumin
  • Will Producers Manage the Entire Production Chain in the Future? – Sara Zuluaga – Cielo Tostado

We’re looking forward to welcoming a range of industry stakeholders to PRF Colombia at the Plaza Mayor venue in Medellín on 30 June and 1 July. For the full schedule of speeches and panel discussions, click here.

Tickets for the event are still available, but may not be for much longer. To buy yours today, visit our tickets page here.

Highlighting our lineup of Colombian speakers