Meet our first official Host Sponsor for the 2023 Sourcing Trip Experience: Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera

We're announcing the first official Host Sponsor for the 2023 Sourcing Trip Experience: Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera.

We’re delighted to announce that Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera, a family-run coffee producer specializing in 100% organic, shade-grown specialty coffee, will be an official Sourcing Trip Experience Host Sponsor at PRF Colombia 2023.

For several decades, a strong culture of family values, sacrifice, effort, and discipline has turned the Aratoca-Santander company into an extraordinary ambassador for Colombian specialty coffee.

Today, it’s an industry leader in sustainable cultivation techniques, selective harvesting practices, and innovative processing techniques. We’re incredibly proud to welcome this expertise to our 2023 Sourcing Trip Experience Host Sponsor lineup.

Let’s take a closer look at the company and how it will captivate Sourcing Trip Experience attendees this September.

Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera is an official Host Sponsor of the 2023 Sourcing Trip Experience for international coffee roasters and green coffee buyers.

Exceptional coffees by experienced professionals

For four generations, the Daza Bautista family has invested in transforming a humble family farm onto a world-class producer and exporter of specialty coffees. Key to this journey has been the safeguarding and reverence of the natural environment. 

It’s why Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera produces shade-grown coffees under a diverse array of timber and fruit trees. Consequently, the company strives to meet various international standards, including Rainforest Alliance, 100% Organic, and Smithsonian Birdfriendly.

“The company carries out careful sustainable cultivation techniques, and selective harvesting practices,” says Oscar Daza Bautista, a member of the farming family. 

“Together with innovative processing methods, this has allowed us to position our coffees in international markets among roasters and consumers who love exceptional coffee and appreciate the fact that it is sustainably produced – and sustainably processed.”

These producers genuinely love their crops. Combined with the inherent richness of the farm’s soil, this results in superb specialty coffees. These coffees possess high quality, sweetness, aroma, good body, and characteristic smoothness.

“The richness and conformation of our soils makes our coffee acquire a unique flavor,” Oscar adds. “In addition, the variety of microclimates allows coffee to develop at the right time. This makes our beans of excellent quality, because of the variety in processes and product traceability.”

Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera grows 100% organic, shade-grown specialty coffee in Colombia. Sourcing Trip Experience guests will be able to visit all their facilities.

What can STE attendees expect from Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera?

STE attendees who join Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera will enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Aratoca mountains. Here, Oscar and his team will share the core mission of the farm:

  • To produce world-class specialty coffees,
  • to catalyze new business opportunities,
  • and to safeguard the environment around its coffee trees.

“La Pradera Coffee Farm is proud to produce and export one of the best coffees in Colombia, strengthening leadership in the development of production in the market through innovation, traceability, and the quality of our products,” Oscar explains.

“Having the visit of coffee professionals from all over the world in our facilities is an honor. We are sure it will be a very good experience!”

The farm is set between forests and mountains, creating an unforgettable setting where attendees can examine the shade-growing process up-close. Furthermore, they’ll get to experience the company’s meticulous farming, harvesting, and processing techniques. All of this will help to shed light on Colombian specialty coffee production.

“This experience of 100% organic specialty coffees with differentiated processes will make you enjoy sensations of tropical coffee aromas, while sharing our culture and family values ​​that characterize us as a company,” Oscar adds.

As a host sponsor of PRF Colombia 2023, Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera will take green coffee buyers and roasters to visit their farm and meet the producers.

Learn more about the Sourcing Trip Experience

We carefully design our Sourcing Trip Experience to guarantee that roasters from all over the world engage directly with some of the best Colombian specialty coffee producers.

First and foremost, the STE is about engaging with producers at origin. Essentially, it’s a unique opportunity to tour Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera’s farms, mills, and other facilities. Through this, we aim to generate new connections between roasters and producers, ultimately benefiting the entire Colombian coffee industry.

“Shared knowledge, experience, the generation of trust, and the commercial relationships that are built are the most important values ​​between us as producers and coffee professionals,” Oscar concludes.

“Family values, sacrifice, perseverance, effort, and discipline have made our dreams come true, allowing us to share an excellent quality product with the world.”

Some example activities that you can expect during the STE include:

  • Farm tours, which will cover a range of different varieties and producer profiles
  • Tours of wet and dry mills, where participants will see sorting machinery, depulpers, fermentation tanks, and other key equipment in operation
  • Cupping sessions arranged directly with producers
  • Roundtable discussions on industry challenges from both producer and roaster perspectives
  • Networking opportunities with potential sourcing partners and roasters from around the world
  • Organized dinners with local specialities/dishes

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Meet our first official Host Sponsor for the 2023 Sourcing Trip Experience: Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera