PrF EL SALVADOR Host Sponsors

Sicafe Coffee returns as a host sponsor at PRF El Salvador.

"As a PRF 2023 host, we are thrilled to be able to share part of who we are and what we do with clients that will be joining us." - Rafael Silva

Award winning specialty producers, millers, and exporters, Sicafe produces high quality coffee in the Apaneca / Ilamatepec mountain range. Their operation is the result of long-standing expertise passed down through six generations; their history dates back to 1870. 

Sicafe has won several Cup of Excellence and other other prestigious awards in the coffee world. Constantly growing and innovating, they process coffee from their six family-owned farms (and for other local producers) at their own mill.

Divisadero Microlot coffees will be a host sponsor for Sourcing Trip Experience attendees at PRF El Salvador.

"We look forward to meeting new coffee friends and showcasing our 100% shade grown CoE winning farms, eco-friendly processing, and overall top microlots offerings which have made us a pioneer in the field." - Mauricio A. Salaverria

Led by 5th generation grower Mauricio A. Salaverria (AKA Moe,) Divisadero Coffees is a one stop microlot producer, sourcer, processor and high-end coffee exporter in western El Salvador.

Their farms include CoE fincas: Himalaya, VillaGalicia, El Copo, and CruzGorda in the country’s largest mountain range of Apaneca, Ataco, and Los Naranjos.

Divisadero serves roaster clients from Australia, France, USA, and Saudi Arabia among others. They’re proud to have a 12-year direct relation with Boxcar Coffees in Colorado as well as many other small to larger coffee amigos, and they wish to expand their relationships through PRF and the STE.

Los Pirineos (Exportadora Tecapa) are host sponsors of PRF El Salvador 2023.

"I'm looking forward to networking with potential coffee buyers, as well as sharing and gaining insights into the entire specialty coffee chain." - Diego Baraona

With more than 130 years of experience in the coffee industry, sitting above 1,400 to 1,550 meters above sea level, Los Pirineos is a world-renowned specialty coffee farm. 

The farm is located in Berlin, Usulutan, in El Salvador’s Tecapa Chinameca mountain range. Today, it is operated by fifth-generation coffee producer Diego Baraona, who took over in 2020 after his father Gilberto sadly passed away in 2020. 

Today, Los Pirineos offers over 70 different coffee varieties (29 of which are currently in full production) and specializes in washed, honey, and natural coffees. It also offers anaerobic and carbonic maceration processed coffees, and has its own mill on-farm.

Los Pirineos has won more than 22 Cup of Excellence awards in the last 12 years, and came 5th at the last two CoE events.

"We are extremely excited about connecting roasters and traders from all over the world with the UNEX supply chain." - UNEX Team

UNEX is the largest coffee sourcer, miller and exporter in El Salvador. Sourcing coffee from over 4,000 farmers of all sizes, UNEX is strongly committed to the sustainability of El Salvador’s coffee supply chain.



Strong relationships between buyers and sellers are the fundamental building blocks upon which the coffee industry is built.

As a Host Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to connect with roasters and form relationships that last.

During the Sourcing Trip Experience, a minimum of 15 roasters will stay with you on your farm (or a farm of your choice).

Here, you will be able to swap stories, introduce them to your coffee, and better understand their needs.


As a Host Sponsor, you will have an unparalleled opportunity to reach the worldwide coffee community.

Not only will you regularly feature in posts across our social media channels, you will also appear in articles on our publication and associated newsletters. 

This will put you in front of a relevant audience of coffee professionals like never before, offering greater recognition and business opportunities.


Producer & Roaster Forum is one of the world’s most important coffee events, bringing together thousands of professionals and industry leaders.

The popularity of PRF means tickets can be difficult to get hold of. That’s why each Host Sponsor will be allocated with five tickets, which will give them full access to the two-day event.

Here, they will have the opportunity to hear lectures, take part in discussions, and connect with other coffee professionals.

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