Important reminders for PRF El Salvador

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It may seem crazy, but we’re now counting down the days to PRF El Salvador. The two-day forum will take place at the Salamanca Exhibition Center in San Salvador on March 16 & 17, bridging the gap between local specialty coffee producers and coffee professionals from around the world.

Before we get too carried away, there are a few things we need to clear up before attendees arrive in San Salvador. We’ve put together a useful list of need-to-know information that you can use to ensure you’re 100% ready to take part in the Central American coffee industry event of the decade.

Let’s take a look at the event details, ticket requirements, and more.

Lady drinking coffee prf el salvador

Event details

As you begin to finalize your travel plans, it’s important to keep the following details in mind:

Tickets & registration

  • All tickets must be purchased online 
  • If you have free tickets(volunteers, exhibitors, scholars) you need to redeem your ticket through the website
  • Tickets are non-transferable. 
  • Your unique QR code (generated upon ticket purchase) serves as your ticket for registration. 
  • Registration opens at 8am on March 16th, 2023.
  • Scan your QR code at the Salamanca entrance, then pick your badge in the PRF Booth located in Exhibition Hall.


  • Your badge is the only way of accessing the event. Lost badges can be reprinted on site for a fee of US$25. 
  • Each attendee will need to pick up their own badge in person; company representatives cannot register/pick up multiple badges for their staff.

This may all seem like common sense, but it’s essential that you adhere to these requirements to ensure you have the best possible experience at PRF El Salvador.

Please note that children under the age of 12 (including infants) are not permitted to attend PRF El Salvador.

Get hyped for the beautiful city of San Salvador

During your time in El Salvador’s capital city, you can expect to be wowed by its rich history, stunning architecture, and the sheer kindness of its 1,600,000 hospitable citizens.

Where to stay

If you haven’t yet booked your accommodation, check out our list of recommended 4 star and 5 star hotels here. Remember that Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Presidente, and Hyatt Centric are offering special discounted rates for PRF attendees. These hotels will also include transport services from the hotel to Salamanca convention Center on the days of the event.

What to eat

San Salvador is also renowned for its vibrant food scene, so be sure to check out our favorite spots: 

You’d be crazy to pass up an opportunity to indulge in papusas, the country’s national dish, which is a thick, hearty flatbread typically stuffed with cheese, refried beans, or fried pork belly – known locally as chicharrón. Papusas are sold by street vendors all over the city, so you’ll never go hungry while exploring its sights and sounds!

Specialty coffee galore

Let’s not forget why we’re all here – El Salvador produces some of the finest specialty coffee in the world, and its specialty coffee shop scene is thriving. Here are some of our favorite spots in San Salvador:

For a full list of our coffee shop recommendations in El Salvador, visit this page.

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Last, but not least, please carefully review our terms & conditions and code of conduct prior to attending PRF El Salvador. If you have any further questions, feel free to email the PRF Coordinator at

See you in San Salvador – soon!

Important reminders for PRF El Salvador