Our volunteers are part of an international coffee community, network with industry leaders, learn more about the latest coffee trends, gain valuable experience, and join PRF Colombia, help us manage the event. 

Successful volunteer applicants will work across various areas of the two-day forum, which includes:

Successful volunteer applicants will work across various areas of the two-day forum, which includes:

  • Exhibition area
  • Cupping rooms
  • Workshop rooms
  • VIP Lounge
  • Espresso Bar
  • Brew Bar
  • Cold Brew Bar
  • Cold brew, roasting, and barista competitions
  • Registration stations
  • As such, volunteers need to be comfortable working with a range of coffee equipment (including espresso machines, grinders, and pour over brewers), and they also need some experience in customer service.

PRF requires volunteers to commit to two 4-hour shifts (one each day) and applicants should arrive at least 30 minutes before their shift is due to start.



Information for foreign and national applicants:

  • Volunteer registration for PRF Colombia does not cover any additional expenses such as visa, airplane or bus tickets, airport/hotel shuttles, hotel room expenses, food, or urban transportation.
  • All costs related to attendance before, during, and after the event must be covered by the registered volunteer (excepting the ticket to PRF Colombia.)
  • Attendees must have travel insurance and are responsible for procuring this themselves.
  • Volunteer registration will not have economic or any other type of remuneration by the organizer Producer & Roaster Forum Ltd (“PRF”.)
  • PRF will in no way be held liable or responsible for, or enter into any litigation concerning the health and welfare of attendees being in any way whatsoever affected by war, civil unrest, political instability, riots, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, any disease or any other events or occurrences which are within or beyond their control.
  • PRF reserves the right to refuse entry or to remove any attendee from an event venue if their behavior is deemed inappropriate for a professional event or a safety risk.