Speakers from previous editions

Martin Mayorga is CEO and founder of Mayorga Coffee, Diamond Sponsor of PRF Colombia.


Joining PRF Colombia as the keynote speaker is Martin Mayorga, founder of Mayorga Coffee. His company focuses on the ethical and sustainable production, supply and distribution of artisanal and organic food and coffee from Latin America. 

Since 1997, Martin and his team have worked to eliminate systemic poverty in producing countries, through direct sourcing models, responsible trade and a focus on organically grown goods.


Cleia Junqueira developed her passion for coffee in Brazil in 2005, when she owned and operated an independent coffee shop and began personally training a team of baristas.

Since 2006, Cleia has elevated her coffee skills as a member and the Director of the Brazilian Association of Coffee and Baristas (BACB). Over the last two decades, she has acquired qualifications for coffee tasting skills, an SCA Licensed Q-Grader Certificate and certification as a Q-Robusta Grader. She has also acted as a Sensory Judge for the World Barista Championship since 2016.

Currently, she is working as the Head of Coffee for Coffee Planet (United Arab Emirates).

Bartosz Ciepaj will join us in a panel of coffee experts at PRF Colombia.


Bartosz Ciepaj is a coffee expert a Q grader and Cup of Excellence international judge. He is also a brand ambassador for La Pavoni 1905.

Bartosz advocates collectively defined Ultra-Specialty certified standards – for each stage in the “coffee chain” – which in his view are essential for a brighter and more sustainable future for the coffee industry.

Drawing inspiration from advanced studies in wine, neurogastronomy and gastro-physics, he aims to provide the finest coffee quality and experience in the world.

Melissa Villanueva will be joining a panel at PRF Colombia.


Melissa Villanueva is the Owner and CEO of Brewpoint Coffee in Chicago.

With no business plan and very limited finances, Melissa has grown Brewpoint to four coffee shops and a successful coffee roastery. In 2019, she co-authored a book, “Starting & Running a Coffee Shop: Brew Success with Proven Strategies for Every Aspect of Your Espresso Startup’. 

Brewpoint has been mentioned in renowned publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, and Sprudge for their inspiring small business journey and dedication to building a better world through coffee. 

Albert Scalla from Stonex will be joining PRF Colombia as speaker.

Albert Scalla (USA)

Albert Scalla, Senior Vice President of Trading at StoneX, has combined his considerable knowledge of various markets with his experience in implementing risk management strategies in Futures, Options and Structured Products in the international commodity markets.

Albert has been an important pillar for the development of Price Risk Management programs at StoneX, and has been invited as a guest speaker to several national and international coffee conferences to speak in both producing and consuming countries.

Freda Yuan is the Director of Coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters, and one of the UK’s most respected coffee professionals. She'll join a panel at PRF Colombia.


Freda Yuan is the Director of Coffee at Origin Coffee Roasters, and one of the UK’s most respected coffee professionals. Her passion and dedication to the world of specialty coffee have been celebrated through numerous accolades, including the 3 x SCA UK Cup Tasters Championship and both 3rd and 5th place in the World Cup Tasters Championship.

Throughout her career, she has worked across all sectors of the coffee supply chain. During this journey, she found her true passion in the sensory elements of coffee, which started after her struggle – and recovery from – bulimia. In 2020, she also authored an award-winning book on coffee tasting, ‘Sip n Slurp: An Expert Guide to Coffee Tasting’. 

Gustavo Cerna is a speaker at PRF Colombia.


Gustavo Cerna is the Senior Manager of Coffee for National DCP/Dunkin, based in the United States.

Raised in the Nicaraguan farming sector with a focus on Coffee, Cocoa and Exotic Fruit Production, he applies his knowledge of agricultural development and economics with extensive experience in the coffee sector to manage all coffee procurement for Dunkin, totaling more than 1 million bags.

Maria Eduarda Becker Pavani is the Founder and CEO of Tres Marias Coffee and will join PRF Colombia.


Maria Eduarda Becker Pavani is the Founder and CEO of Tres Marias Coffee. She started her career as a barista in 2013, and with more than eight years of experience in the coffee sector decided to create her own brand in 2019, with the main headquarters located in Dubai (UAE).

Maria is a qualified Sensory Judge for the World Barista Championship, an Authorized Trainer by the Specialty Coffee Assoication, a Q Arabica Grader, and the MENA region Partner of Ally Coffee. 

Christos Sotiros will join PRF Colombia as a panelist.


Christos Sotiros is Category Executive and Master Barista at Nestle Professional, responsible for building the coffee capabilities and coffee expertise for markets across the globe.

Christos had a key role in the development of Roastelier by Nescafé, a benchtop roasting solution pioneered by Nestlé Professional. He had the responsibility to launch the brand in the Greek market and bring the innovation of Prime Roast to the industry. 

With more than 12 years of experience in the coffee industry, Christos has also had success on the competition stage. In 2017 he placed 3rd in the Greek Barista Championship, and recently placed 2nd in the 2022 competition. 

Julia Leach will be a speaker at PRF Colombia.


Julia Leach is the president of Toddy LLC, a company that has been at the forefront of cold brewing since 1964. 

She is passionate about the art and science of cold brewing and is active in developing quality cold brew education for the coffee industry.

Julia and her team work with cafes and roasters worldwide, to help them develop cold brew programs that highlight the nuances of the brewing method and inspire their customers to fall in love with cold brew.

Dale Harris (Hasbean/Ozone Coffee Roasters) will join a panel at PRF Colombia.


Dale Harris leads ‘Product and Business Development’ at OCRi, a global operator with roasting brands in the UK and NZ. A founding member of the Barista Guild of Europe, he held the positions of BGE Chair (2014-2015) and Director of the SCAE (2015-2016).

Dale is the 2017 World Barista Champion, a result achieved after many years of competing at the national level in the UK, whilst working across diverse roles in coffee over the past 15 years. In addition to working with OCRi, he consults and collaborates on diverse coffee projects for brands and individuals across the world through playset.coffee.

Jana Elicker will join PRF Colombia as a speaker.


Jana Elicker is a Barista Trainer and licensed SCA AST for the Barista Module. She has been working in the coffee sector for ten years. In 2014, she underwent in-depth training in specialty coffee in Canada.

Since then, she managed and was involved in the set up of several cafés in Vancouver, Berlin, and Munich, as well as the training of their staff.

Jana is currently running the training centre for Supremo Coffee Roasters in Munich, focusing on efficient and quality-driven workflows and systems. Since 2018, she also worked closely with the SCA Germany to help organise Coffee Championships.

She competed in both the German Barista Championship 2020 and the World Championship 2021 in Milan.

Deiverson Migliatti is the founder of Sterna Cafe, and will be joining a panel at PRF Colombia.


Deiverson Migliatti is the founder of Sterna Cafe, the largest chain of specialty coffee shops in Brazil. 

His passion and expertise in the coffee industry allowed Sterna Cafe to have unbelievable growth. His journey started back in 2015 when he opened his first coffee shop inside a hospital. A year later he and his team opened the first franchised unit, which has since expanded to more than 60 franchises across the country.


Olga Cuellar started her career as a coffee importer, during which she began to understand the importance of empowering producers so they could manage their own farms, get familiar with and understand the market, and develop beneficial business relationships.

Six years ago, she founded Promising Crops to contribute to the development of sustainability programs for coffee and tea producers.

She now has 14 years of experience in setting up sustainability projects with an innovative approach, building relationships with national and international organisations, and developing sustainable models that always include the producers’ perspective.

Tony Dreyfussis the President of Metropolis Coffee Company and will join a panel at PRF Colombia.


Tony Dreyfussis the President of Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago, Illinois, which he co-founded with his father, Jeff in 2003.

Tony has more than twenty years of experience in many segments of specialty coffee, including retail, wholesale, sourcing, and roasting. He operates Metropolis with the belief that there should be enough value, financial and aesthetic components in a well-sourced pound of coffee to sustain everyone along the chain. He is also a firm believer that coffee ‘should be fun’! 


Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of Equal Origins, a not-for-profit social enterprise that works globally to accelerate gender equity along the coffee and cocoa supply chains.

With 30 years of experience in agricultural supply chains and development around the world, Kimberly joins PRF to share her insight in the topic “ The Gender Equity Index: An Innovative Tool to Benefit Coffee’s Hidden Workforce”


Yaser Douri is the Chief Manufacturing Officer at Al Douri Group. He graduated as an Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineer from Emirates Aviation College in Dubai. He then assumed various responsibilities in the hospitality sector, including managing projects and production facilities.

Yaser’s specialization is in designing and implementing processes that consistently reduce operating costs, improve production yields, and increase profitability.


Denise is a CQI Robusta grader and holds a master’s degree in coffee science and economics from the University of Trieste – Ernesto Illy Foundation.

As a 4th generation coffee farmer, she promotes the acceptance and consumption of fine Robustas in the world through Hacienda Legrand.


Ricardo Pereira the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Ally Coffee, and is a specialist in green coffee production, sourcing, trade, sales and marketing. 

In 2008 he founded BRASC Coffee Importers, the first US-based import company devoted exclusively to highlighting specialty coffees from the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil. His company expanded rapidly in its first three years to become the premier Brazilian specialty coffee importer in the USA. In 2013, BRASC and Ally Coffee joined forces, with Ricardo appointed as the Director of Specialty Coffee, and was later promoted to the role of Chief Operations Officer. 

When the Specialty Coffee Association of America rolled out the inaugural Brewers Cup competition, Ricardo was on the first judging panel and continued judging competitions for many years. He has also acted as an advisor for multiple cultivars and processes for specialty coffee farms, several of which have won 1st and 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence program. 


Asmiriam Roa is a professional barista, passionate about good hospitality service. She has trained staff in the food and beverage sector for more than 10 years.

She traveled to Malaysia with Juan Valdez to train their staff and improve the quality of their services.

In 2021, she started to work with Malaysian investors to develop a project with specialty coffee and chocolate bean to bar with the aim to promote origin coffee and cacao in Southeast Asia.


Mohamad Merhi is the Managing Director of Cypher Urban Roastery LLD, a specialty coffee roastery based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Following his passion for coffee, Mohamed bravely left his finance and corporate background behind to pursue his dream and established a coffee roastery with qualities very unique to his region.

He has completed numerous certifications in the sector and is a certified Q Grader. Since its inception in 2016, Mohamad has developed several product lines under the Cypher umbrella that benefits farmers as well as end users ensuring there is a smooth cycle within the industry.


Daniela is the Director of Specialty Coffees and Foreign Trade of Grupo Empresarial Accresco.

She is a 5th generation coffee grower, in charge of specialty production and exports of Grupo Empresarial Accresco, one of the largest coffee producers in Colombia.

Chris Treter is a panelist at the world-leading coffee event PRF Colombia.


Chris Treter is the co-founder and Director of Michigan-based coffee roastery, Higher Grounds Trading Co. 

Founded on the principle of a human-centric model, Chris and his team act as partner-owners of several cooperative and non-profit businesses, with the aim to create a community-focused, circular model in the coffee supply chain.


Alieth Polo is currently the regional director of Caravela Coffee’s Coffee Farmer Education Programme (PECA). PECA’s main goal is to educate coffee farmers and their families on best practices on the farm in order to increase productivity and improve quality and profitability. 

She also has experience advising and implementing voluntary sustainability standards with suppliers, as well as training field technicians.


Hisham AbuBaker is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Dimitri's Coffee LLC. and will be a panelist at PRF Colombia


Hisham AbuBaker is the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Dimitri’s Coffee LLC.

With the joy of coffee combined with a passion for engineering, Hisham started Dimitri’s Coffee with his brothers and opened a roasting facility in Jordan.

His engineering skills and coffee roasting knowledge led him to build his own roasting machine. Consequently, his company started to grow exponentially.

Now Dimitri’s Coffee owns a chain of 6 premium cafes across Amman, as well as serving more than 100 businesses throughout the region.


Nicol is a finance and international trade professional and a third-generation coffee producer.

In 2019, she founded Constantine Café, a specialty coffee brand dedicated to the memory of her grandfather.

She believes that entering a male-dominated sector has motivated her to build a company in which 99% of the workers are women, while still working with male producers and buyers. This has opened doors for her to prove that women can lead the coffee sector.

Along with her company, she has innovated in Colombian coffee production. She also now sells roasted specialty coffee both nationally and internationally.

Additionally, Nicol trains coffee farmers in the region on how to sell their coffee better by improving quality.


Ryan Garrick is the Head of Coffee at WatchHouse, one of the United Kingdom’s most renowned specialty coffee roasters. 

He has spent more than eight years in the industry, developing his understanding of the whole supply chain from coffee bar to farm. At WatchHouse, he oversees the entire program from seed to cup, including the execution of buying strategies, managing roast profiles and quality control, and overseeing how all of this is realised in Watchhouse’s locations throughout London to provide the best coffee experiences to their guests.

Ryan is a licensed Q-Arabica grader and certified SCA judge, with a particular passion for the competitive coffee scene. At WatchHouse, he manages an ever-expanding team of passionate baristas who compete each year on both National and International stages. He believes this area of coffee is a great avenue for passionate coffee individuals to develop and grow their careers.


Claudia is a coffee professional with several years of experience, SCA-certified barista, and founder of the Escuela Formadora de Baristas.

Claudia joins PRF to share his insight on the subject “Making A Career From Espresso”.


Matt Swenson is the Director of Coffee for Nestlé Coffee Partners (NCP). As a trainer and consultant for a national chain, he has developed a comprehensive corporate coffee training program from scratch.

With the experience of opening coffee shops and cafes in 15+ states, he has trained hundreds of new baristas on the art, appreciation, and techniques associated with phenomenal coffee.

As a former roaster and experienced sourcing director, Matt fully believes in the soil-to-sip experience and the collective relationships between farmers, roaster, and baristas.


Sara Zuluaga is a second-generation coffee farmer and owner of the Cielo Tostado coffee brand, a brand that has been in the market for more than 10 years.

Sara joins PRF Colombia to share her insight on the subject “Will Producers Manage The Entire Production Chain In The Future?”.


Nicholas Castellano is an LA-based marketing professional at Cropster and is the co-host of the Coffee & Technology podcast.

Nicholas has quite a background in the coffee industry. He has spent time as a barista, a freelance coffee writer, and has explored various projects at origin.

As a coffee enthusiast and a marketing professional, Nicholas has developed a passion for creating accessible educational content about coffee and technology. He stays up to date with the latest technology trends that have impacted positively the coffee industry.

Lina María Granados (COLOMBIA)

Will Corby is the Head of Coffee at Pact Coffee, a coffee brand and roastery from the UK.

Will has been involved in the coffee world for quite a while. With 13 years of global specialty green coffee trading and logistics, he has pushed Pact Coffee to be one of the largest coffee businesses in the UK.

Being involved in the coffee world for quite a while, he has been part of the Colombian National Quality Competition for many years.


Will Corby is the Head of Coffee at Pact Coffee, a coffee brand and roastery from the UK.

Will has been involved in the coffee world for quite a while. With 13 years of global specialty green coffee trading and logistics, he has pushed Pact Coffee to be one of the largest coffee businesses in the UK.

Being involved in the coffee world for quite a while, he has been part of the Colombian National Quality Competition for many years.


Ola Brattås is the Import & Roastery Manager at the Norwegian specialty coffee bar chain Kaffebrenneriet.

Ola, as a coffee professional, has worked with the top specialty roasters in Norway and has been a judge on many Cup of Excellence competitions around the world.

Throughout his career, he has developed what has come to be known as the “Nordic Style of Roasting”. His approach to roasting, which highlights the diversity inherent in the green beans rather than aiming for a preconceived flavour profile, has revolutionized the way companies roast in Norway.


Julián Cucuname is the Scientific Director of CuBa BIOTEC.

Julián has been working for 15 years in the control of coffee fermentation processes, and has developed protocols, procedures and equipment for the control of high-quality coffee processing.

He is the founder of the company CuBa BIOTEC, which applies bioengineering and biosafety to bring comprehensive development to different industries.


Pedro Echaverria is an Advisor for Café de Santa Barbara.

He graduated from EAFIT & Syracuse University in Colombia. Pedro has been part of the coffee industry for decades, and throughout his journey, he learned a lot about the whole coffee supply chain.

Pedro has been a coffee market analyst since 1990, and a member of the FNC (National Federation of Coffee growers) since 2002.

He is the current shareholder and Advisor of several companies related to the coffee sector; Cafe de Santa Barbara, Colorquimica, and Brinsa just to name a few.

Garreth Druce joins PRF Colombia from The Barn Coffee Roasters.


Garreth Druce is the Head of Roasting at The Barn Coffee Roasters in Berlin, Germany.

Garreth is in charge of quality control and roasting to bring out the individual personalities of each coffee. The Barn focuses on Single Origin coffees to showcase each farm and its terroir to coffee lovers across the globe.

He recently joined the sourcing team at The Barn to work on projects to produce better cup qualities, especially with a view on the impact of climate change.


Juan Felipe Jaimes is the founder of Lavaive. Lavaive is a company that has been trading specialty coffees for more than 11 years.

Juan was always a coffee fan. He began as a barista with cupping skills, then began his career as an Agricultural Engineer and later specialized in the technical analysis of coffee quality.

Juan and his team are in charge of providing training and consultancies in different parts of the coffee chain. Also, Juan is in charge of designing price risk management strategies.


Jeffrey Chean is the Co-founder and Chief of Coffee at Groundwork Coffee Co. Groundwork is a certified organic coffee roasting company with roasteries and retail cafes in both Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon.

Jeffrey has been in specialty coffee since 1994. He oversees the sourcing, purchasing, and roasting of all Groundwork’s green coffee, his main passions revolve around forging partnerships at origin with coffee growers.

Amongst the first people in the world to be certified as a Q Grader, Jeffrey is a subject matter expert on Sensory and Coffee Roasting, and an active Judge with the Cup of Excellence.


Luke is the Founder and CEO of Fire Department Coffee. Navy veteran turned firefighter Luke Schneider started roasting coffee with his wife Kate in 2016 with a mission to roast high quality and help give back to help first responders who have become sick or injured on the job.


Jordan is the Founder and Co-owner of Dabov Specialty Coffee in the heart of Bulgaria. He has years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. Jordan has been involved as an International Judge in the Cup of Excellence for many years.

Jordan joins PRF Colombia to discuss the topic: “Understanding the Market for Exclusive Lots & Competition Coffees”. ⁠⁠


Juan is the founder of a coffee exporting company called Bold Coffee Company. He is an Agricultural Engineer with a Ph.D in Ecology from the National University of Colombia & the University of Valladolid in Spain with a thesis in biotechnology and bioremediation. 


César is a 4th generation coffee grower, Agricultural Engineer, Q Processing Level 3, Q Grader Arabicas, MSc specialist in organisational management and a PhD candidate in environmental sciences. César is also the former president of the National Committee of Coffee Growers of Colombia, Director at the Technological Innovation Park TECNICAFÉ. 


Jose is the Founder and Managing Director of Kofra Coffee Roasters based in the UK. With 10 years of experience with the innovation and development of the Specialty Coffee Sector, Jose joins PRF as a guest speaker discussing the topic “The Importance of Branding in Specialty Coffee: From Seed to Cup”.


Daniel is the Vice President of Exports at Descafeinadores Mexicanos. He has been working in the coffee industry for 32 years, mainly in the Decaf and Instant coffee sectors.


Edwin is a fourth generation producer with 8 years of experience in experimental processes, consultant specialising in coffee processing in Central and South America, and remotely in Ethiopia. He is currently Professor of Postgraduate Coffee Studies at the University of Antioquia, focused in coffee processing and sensory science. Edwin is therefore joining PRF Colombia with his lecture “Are experimental processing methods the key to differentiation?”

Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos (greece)

Panagiotis is the R&D and Network Operation Director of Coffee Island in Greece. He started his professional career as a Civil Engineer for more than a decade, later he joined Coffee Island, where he now holds the title of Managing Director.


Héctor Calderón has been providing technical assistance and education in the coffee sector for ten years. He comes from a family of coffee farmers in one of Colombia’s foremost coffee producing regions.

Héctor has been working as a field technician with Caravela Coffee for four years, delivering training as part of one of their strategies on technology transfer.

He is currently the technical leader in charge of a team of professionals in the departments of Huila and Cauca.

He is teaming up with Alieth Polo to give a speech to attendees at PRF Colombia.


John Monroy is a coffee producer from San Gil Santander and the founder of Kafe Loma Verde. He has more than 15 years of experience in setting up and managing organic specialty coffee shops in Colombia and Barcelona, ​​Spain.


José is a long-time coffee enthusiast who has had the opportunity to participate in different stages of the coffee supply chain.

José and his company have traveled throughout Colombia to understand first-hand the needs and gaps in the supply chain. During his years of experience working in the coffee sector, José has identified certain actions that affect both coffee production and climate change.


Alvaro Gaitan is a Scientific Researcher in coffee diseases and Director of Scientific and Technological Research at Cenicafé.

Alvaro joins PRF to share his insight on the subject “An Overview Of Technology In Colombian Coffee Production”.


Bob Fish co-founded Biggby Coffee with just one location in East Lansing, MI (1995). Biggy Coffee began franchising in 1999 with just 2 locations, today there are 300 franchise locations open and operating.

Bob joins PRF Colombia as a guest speaker to share his insight on the topic “Franchise Expansion & Growth in the Coffee Sector”


Gerardo Ramos began working in the coffee industry in 1996 as a parchment buyer and quality analyst for a multinational company in Colombia. Over his 26 years in the industry, he has had many wonderful experiences and made valuable contacts.

He joins PRF Colombia to talk about Colombian coffee processing over the past 20 years, as he believes that most coffee farmers are not aware of the added value generated after parchment is sold.


Jake Holmes is currently the Managing Director of Mission Coffee Works. He has worked in the coffee industry for the last 7 years and his background has led him to consult on a number of coffee projects branching sports nutrition, hospitality, equipment and training.