Martin Mayorga is CEO and founder of Mayorga Coffee, Diamond Sponsor of PRF Colombia.


Founder of Mayorga Coffee (USA)

Joining PRF Colombia as the keynote speaker is Martin Mayorga, founder of Mayorga Coffee. His company focuses on the ethical and sustainable production, supply and distribution of artisanal and organic food and coffee from Latin America. 

Since 1997, Martin and his team have worked to eliminate systemic poverty in producing countries, through direct sourcing models, responsible trade and a focus on organically grown goods.


President of Toddy LLC (USA)

Julia Leach leads Toddy, LLC, a company that’s been at the forefront of cold brewing since 1964. 

Julia’s team works with cafes and roasters worldwide, helping them develop programs that highlight the nuances of the brewing method and inspire their customers to fall in love with cold brew. 

Passionate about the art and science of cold brewing and active in developing quality cold brew education for the coffee industry, Julia will serve on the 2023-2024 SCA Board and has presented at SCA Re:co, SCA Expo, NCA Convention, PRF Colombia, and other international industry events.


Senior VP at StoneX (USA)

Albert Scalla, Senior Vice President of Trading at StoneX, has combined his considerable knowledge of various markets with his experience in implementing risk management strategies in Futures, Options and Structured Products in the international commodity markets.

Albert has been an important pillar for the development of Price Risk Management programs at StoneX, and has been invited as a guest speaker to several national and international coffee conferences to speak in both producing and consuming countries.


Head of Education at Rancilio Group Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

Nicole Battefeld is a barista, roaster, trainer, competitor, and influencer based in Berlin; she also works as Social Media Manager and Head of Education for Rancilio Germany.

When she’s not behind the bar creating content or training, Nicole competes in barista and cocktail competitions around the world. Through social media and appearances at events and trade shows, she works with a number of brands to promote products and initiatives in the coffee industry. 

Nicole is the host of the “She’s the Barista” podcast and a prolific writer on her coffee blog.


Founder of Café de Finca (Spain)

Jonathan’s family has more than four decades of experience in green coffee trading. His first contact was loading and unloading coffee bags from containers in the port of Barcelona in 1999.

In 2009, Café De Finca was born. The novel brand of specialty coffee in Spain was inspired by trends in the US, UK, and Germany. Starting as a micro-roaster with a 7 kg Giesen, they scaled distribution operations to B2B, and in 2016, to B2C.

Jonathan has always wanted to go to visit coffee farms and meet with producers to taste, discuss and experiment together with them.


QC at Bella Vista Coffee (Guatemala)

Dulce has 20 years experience in the coffee industry, mainly working as a Quality Control Manager. She obtained her Q grading certification in 2016 and started giving workshops to coffee enthusiasts and future cuppers the following year. 

Since then, Dulce has participated in several national coffee competitions, winning Guatemala’s National Cup Tasters Championship in 2017, 2018, and 2019. She earned fourth place in the World Cup Tasters Championship in 2019.

Dulce founded her own coffee shop, and is working towards her goal of becoming an international Q Grader certifier.


Barista & Roaster at Alquimia Coffee (El Salvador)


Founder of Finca Montealegre (El Salvador)

Originally a dentist by profession, Salvadoran native Ana María currently owns and manages Finca Montealegre, a coffee farm in the Balsamo mountain range.

Ana María began implementing organic methods for coffee cultivation and harvesting in 2012. Five years later, these good agricultural practices enabled Montealegre to become certified organic under international standards such as USDA and EUNOP.

She exports her coffee internationally under the brand Café Montealegre.


Founder of MTPak Coffee (China)

Mark, founder of MTPak Coffee, started his company in 2016 after recognizing the rapid increase of specialty coffee brands in Asia. 

His company quickly became one of the most widely recognized providers of coffee packaging, directly supplying specialty roasters from Europe to North America to Australasia. 

MTPak Coffee is committed to sustainability and innovation, offering fully sustainable coffee packaging using biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Mark and his team are working towards achieving a circular economy and supporting specialty roasters to reach their customers like never before.



Head Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, & QC at Deep Cafe and Roastery (UAE)

Colombian native Estella Zuleta got her start in the coffee industry working as a barista and barista trainer in various coffee shops in her homeland.

Estella now resides in the United Arab Emirates, where she spent two years as lead barista before becoming a professional Sensory Analyst and Operations Manager. Building on previous experience, her current role is Head Roaster and Quality Analyst.


Head of Coffee at WatchHouse (UK)

Ryan, a licensed Arabica Q Grader and Q Processing Generalist, has an array of experience in retail, roasting and at origin. He runs the coffee program for WatchHouse and their 10 London coffee shops. 

Ryan’s day to day covers both the upstream and downstream elements of the coffee chain, as well as sourcing and working with a QC team. He mentors senior baristas, pursuing exceptionally high quality specialty coffee at scale. 

Serving as a SCA judge as well as a coach for national and international competitors over the years gave Ryan additional insight which he previously shared at PRF.

Bram will attend PRF EL Salvador


Specialty Coffee Sourcing Manager at Ally Coffee (Netherlands)

Bram is the Specialty Coffee Sourcing Manager of Ally Coffee. Originally from the Netherlands, he began his career as a barista and has since been driven to learn more about the industry. 


His curiosity has taken him all around the world, including six years spent living and working at origin, where he spent the last four years as a coffee buyer for Ally Coffee. 


With a sense of responsibility and duty, Bram is dedicated to developing supply chains and guiding coffee producers through the diverse markets of Ally Coffee.



CEO of Coffee Exchange (China)

Lewis Harding has over 10 years experience in International Business and Trading in China, Africa and Latin America. He previously worked in Finance & Banking in London and Asia. 

Lewis is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for coffee and creating business that provide real value to their stakeholders.


CEO of Café Señor K (Chile)

Chilean native Rodrigo Jaeger studied business management and marketing prior to earning several SCA certifications. 

In 2012, he entered the world of specialty coffee, founding Café Señor K, the first company in South America to offer 100% compostable coffee capsules and sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

Rodrigo developed a 360° degree conscious coffee model, integrating origin, brand concept, and sustainability using effective waste revaluation plans. He founded “Cultivando Futuro” to empower the families that provide their green coffee and constantly travels to different producing countries to further strengthen relationships with coffee partners.


Founder of Leanitai Coffee (Saudi Arabia)

Drawing on his background in marketing and experience working with numerous organizations around the globe, Yousef Alzayer founded Leanitai Coffee, an environmentally and socially conscious coffee trading company in 2019.

His business currently targets GCC member countries, sourcing directly from Guatemala, India, and Brazil – with the aim of expanding into additional locations and regions. They focus on ethically sourced coffees, sustainability, and building direct, enduring relationships with farmers.


General Manager at Finca San Antonio / Las Brisas (El Salvador)

Coffee culture has been part of Carlos Pola’s experience since childhood; his family has cultivated coffee for 5 generations. 

Carlos spent about 20 years in the textile industry, a demanding business in terms of efficiency and quality, before making the switch to working full time coffee in 2012. His vision is to apply the expertise learned in textiles – quality control, efficiency, and data management – to coffee production. 

Carlos’ vision, strategies, and overall efforts to become a sustainable specialty producer are key factors to his success in the challenging world of coffee farming.


Director of Coffee for Nestlé Coffee Partners (USA)

Matt Swenson is the Director of Coffee for Nestlé Coffee Partners (NCP). As a trainer and consultant for a national chain, he has developed a comprehensive corporate coffee training program from scratch.

With the experience of opening coffee shops and cafes in 15+ states, he has trained hundreds of new baristas on the art, appreciation, and techniques associated with phenomenal coffee.

As a former roaster and experienced sourcing director, Matt fully believes in the soil-to-sip experience and the collective relationships between farmers, roaster, and baristas.

Darina Onoprienko

CEO of Agrivero.ai (Germany)

Darina is an entrepreneur with strong business expertise and a product manager focused on machine learning, AI, and IoT products.

While developing Agrivero.ai, a technology company that automates green coffee grading, Darina acquired a profound knowledge of coffee – from production to distribution. She recently became a licensed Arabica Q Grader. 

Darina is committed to making coffee supply chains carbon-neutral, traceable, fair, and efficient. Her belief in the need for decentralization led to starting Coffee Carbon Collective, a project that supports smallholder farmers’ transition to agroforestry, helping them receive revenue from carbon, biodiversity, water quality, and social impact credits.


2017 World Barista Champion (UK)

Dale Harris leads ‘Product and Business Development’ at OCRi, a global operator with roasting brands in the UK and NZ. A founding member of the Barista Guild of Europe, he held the positions of BGE Chair (2014-2015) and Director of the SCAE (2015-2016).

Dale is the 2017 World Barista Champion, a result achieved after many years of competing at the national level in the UK, whilst working across diverse roles in coffee over the past 15 years. In addition to working with OCRi, he consults and collaborates on diverse coffee projects for brands and individuals across the world through playset.coffee.

Tony Dreyfuss is the President of Metropolis Coffee Company and will join a panel at PRF El Salvador.


Co-president of Metropolis Coffee Company (USA)

Tony is the President of Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago, Illinois, which he co-founded with his father in 2003.

He operates Metropolis with the belief that there should be enough value, financial and aesthetic components in a well-sourced pound of coffee to sustain everyone along the chain. He is also a firm believer that coffee ‘should be fun’! 

Tony has more than twenty years of experience in many segments of specialty coffee, including retail, wholesale, sourcing and roasting.



Import & Roastery Manager at Kaffebrenneriet (Norway)

Ola Brattås is the Import & Roastery Manager at the Norwegian specialty coffee bar chain Kaffebrenneriet.

As a coffee professional, Ola has worked with the top specialty roasters in Norway and served as judge at many Cup of Excellence competitions around the world.

Throughout his career, he’s developed what has come to be known as the “Nordic Style of Roasting”. His approach to roasting, which highlights the diversity inherent in the green beans rather than aiming for a preconceived flavor profile, has revolutionized the way companies roast in Norway.


Johanna de Rodríguez

Founder of Academia Barista Pro (El Salvador)

Johanna de Rodríguez founded Academia Barista Pro El Salvador along with her husband, Jonathan. She holds an MBA in Project Management, Marketing and Digital Advertising. Johanna applies her experience to develop the potential of her coffee students, guiding them in best practices for national and international competitions. 

With more than 14 years of experience, Johanna is the main AST in the Academy and the second Latina trainer to teach the SCA Sustainability Program. 

Jonathan Rodríguez

Founder of Academia Barista Pro (El Salvador)

Jonathan Rodríguez, co-founder of Academia Barista Pro El Salvador, is a consultant, competition coach and administrator specializing in global business and finance. 

Now with more than 14 years dedicated to this industry, Jonathan has trained many towards successful investment in coffee, sharing the keys to the correct preparation of coffee, and helping thousands of Latino families succeed.

José Guzmán

Managing Director at Kofra Coffee Roasters (UK)

José is the Founder and Managing Director of Kofra Coffee Roasters based in the UK. 

With 10 years of experience with the innovation and development of the Specialty Coffee Sector, 

Jose joins PRF to discuss the topic “Creating a pathway for selling ultra-premium coffees”.

Mostafa El-Saiid

Owner of Al Fayrouz (Egypt)

Mostafa El-Saliid is a green coffee importer and the owner of several roasteries. He creates blends and supplies Egypt’s HORECA sector with his own brand of Turkish coffee using 30+ trucks for distribution.

Maria Elena Botto from IWCA (Amces) EL Salvador will be at PRF El Salvador.

Maria Elena Botto

IWCA (Amces) (EL Salvador)

Zoran Stanojevic

CEO & owner of Kafeterija (Serbia)

Zoran is a co-owner and the CFO of Kafeterija, Eastern Europe’s largest coffee chain. He has 10 years of industry experience. 

Beginning with a small coffee shop in Belgrade, in less than 8 years his brand developed to include more than 40 coffee shops across 5 cities and 2 countries. Zoran oversees brand development as well as the whole financial sector ensuring the company’s continued viability.

Luis Eduardo López

Brand coordinator at Varietales Finos / Granja Paraíso 92 (Colombia)

Luis is the Quality and Training Director at Pacific Wind EDC.

He had the opportunity to travel to Europe to develop a career in logistics, and after several years of learning, he returned to Colombia to put all that experience into practice.

Apart from being passionate about coffee, Luis created a team of young cupping trainees to participate in Championships, in 2019 his team won 3rd and 4th place in the Tasters Championship.

Edgar Cabrera

Chief Origin Officer at Thrive Farmers (Guatemala)

Edgar is a successful entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in his home country of Guatemala. In 2011, he joined the family business of coffee and has since become deeply involved in the industry, focusing on sourcing, establishing and nurturing relationships worldwide, managing quality in several origins, and connecting farmers to new markets. 

His mission is to bring farmers from around the world to consumers, helping form partnerships that serve in unique ways. 

He believes that coffee is one relationship at a time, and that focusing on people first results in the greatest and longest-lasting success for the coffee industry.


Jorge Raúl Rivera

Owner of Finca Santa Rosa / CAFEINA Specialty Coffee Bar (EL Salvador)

Osamah Alawwam

Cofounder of Roasting House (KSA)

Osamah is a successful entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. He is the Co-Founder and Board Member of The Roasting House Saudi Arabia, a leading specialty coffee roaster and retailer in the region. 

With a passion for coffee and an unwavering commitment to quality, Osamah has played a key role in the company’s growth and success. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee experiences to customers and is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the business. 

Under his leadership, The Roasting House has become a respected and trusted brand in the Saudi Arabian market.

Wilton Benitez

Founder & Head of Development & Innovation at Varietales Finos / Granja Paraíso 92 (Colombia)

Wilton is an expert in the processing and marketing of specialty coffees. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Benitez is the current commercial and research director of Varietales Finos, a leading company in the production and marketing of high-quality specialty coffees.

His experience and knowledge of innovative technologies for specialty coffee processing have helped the company remain a market leader.

Miguel Candel

Research & Development Specialist at Saudi Coffee (El Salvador)

Miguel is a professional roaster and barista with over 9 years of experience in specialty coffee. He currently works as a Research & Development Specialist in Saudi Coffee Company where the main focus is to improve the quality of the coffee in Saudi Arabia.

Coffee is Miguel’s passion; he’s always looking for ways to improve the final cup. He won El Salvador’s Brewer Cup three consecutive years: 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Jordan Montgomery is Roastery Manager at Fjord Coffee and will be a speaker at PRF El Salvador.

Jordan Montgomery

Roastery Manager at Fjord Coffee (Germany)

Jordan is the Roastery Manager of Fjord Coffee Roasters, a Berlin-based company that focuses on exotic, rare and unique specialty coffees from across the world. 

He has more than 13 years of industry experience, having served in Marketing, Communications and Barista roles for ONA Coffee, Project Origin, and global digital marketing agency PDG Media. 

Jordan has been involved in a number of coffee competitions, coaching and assisting competitors in the World Brewers Cup, World Barista Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. When not working with coffee, he enjoys studying Medical Ethics, reading, and travelling. 

Mohamad Merhi

Managing Director at Cypher Urban Roastery (UAE)

Mohamad is the founder of Cypher Urban Roastery, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Following his passion for coffee, he pursued his dream and established a coffee roastery with qualities very unique to his region.

He has completed numerous certifications in the sector and is a certified Q Grader. Since its inception in 2016, Mohamad has developed several product lines under the Cypher umbrella that benefits farmers as well as end users ensuring there is a smooth cycle within the industry.


Sam Corra

Director of Coffee at Ona Coffee (Australia)

Sam has been working in the coffee industry for the past 16 years. Most of this time has been spent as the Head Roaster, and later, Director of Coffee at ONA Coffee in Australia.

His journey at ONA has enabled him to refine his roasting skills each year, both through competitions and by analysing plenty of feedback. During this time, has also helped guide three individuals to World Coffee Championships world titles and has worked with some amazing coffee professionals along the way – not forgetting his own stint as Australian Brewers Cup Champion and WBrC runner-up in 2017.

More recently, his focus has turned to the coffee supply chain and ways he can use his roasting skills to leave a lasting impact.

Kenneth Lander

Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer at Thrive Farmers (Costa Rica)

Kenneth is the Chief Impact Officer at Thrive Farmers. He is a retired trial lawyer from Georgia who has experience in advocating for clients’ interests in litigation in both the private and public sectors. 

After 14 years of practicing law, Ken decided to move his entire family to a coffee farm in Costa Rica and farm coffee. He soon came to understand the injustices that farmers face in the current value chain of coffee. 

With a heart of a coffee farmer and a lawyer, Ken decided to give coffee farmers a voice. His passion for advocating for fellow coffee farmers has led him to his current role at Thrive Farmers.

Eduardo Choza

Director of Coffee at Mayorga Coffee (USA)

Jordan is the Roastery Manager of Fjord Coffee Roasters, a Berlin-based company that focuses on exotic, rare and unique specialty coffees from across the world. 

He has more than 13 years of industry experience, having served in Marketing, Communications and Barista roles for ONA Coffee, Project Origin, and global digital marketing agency PDG Media. 

Jordan has been involved in a number of coffee competitions, coaching and assisting competitors in the World Brewers Cup, World Barista Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. When not working with coffee, he enjoys studying Medical Ethics, reading, and travelling. 

Alejandro mendez speaker at prf el salvador


WBC Champion 2011 (El Salvador)

Alejandro Méndez, the 2011 World Barista Championship from El Salvador. He is known for his unique approach to coffee brewing and presentation, which incorporates elements of El Salvador’s culture and history. 

He has been a barista for over a decade and has a deep understanding of coffee and its origins. He is also a well-respected figure in the coffee industry.

Carlos Guerra speaker at prf el salvador

Carlos rené guerra

General Manager at Café San Rafael (Honduras)

Honduras native Carlos Guerra is a food science engineer specializing in dairy chemistry. He comes from a coffee-growing family and has been connected to the coffee world all his life.

Carlos earned renown as a barista; he participated in several national championships and won first place on two occasions, which brought him to compete at the World Barista Championship in Boston.

He holds several certifications from SCA, CQI, and Ihcafe Honduras, including CQI Q Processing, SCA Coffee and Sensory Skills, and Coffee Brewing.

Carlos currently manages the specialty coffee production and quality control at Finca San Rafael, a roastery and coffee shop. He is also the CEO of San Rafael Agroindustrial.