Over 100 Mayorga Scholarship applicants have been selected – are you next?

The wait is over – we’re pleased to announce that over a hundred Mayorga Scholarship applicants have been selected to attend PRF El Salvador this year! Successful applicants will receive a free ticket to PRF El Salvador.

Given that PRF El Salvador is an event built around producers in Latin America, we’re thrilled that young coffee farmers from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia have accepted our invitation to attend Central America’s coffee industry event of the decade.

There are still scholarships that have yet to be awarded. That means that if you apply now, you still stand a chance to be an official Mayorga Scholar at PRF El Salvador. Read on to learn more about the scholarship and how to apply.

Coffee farmer Mayorga Scholarship

What is the Mayorga Scholarship?

Mayorga Coffee has partnered with PRF since 2019, providing 500 smallholder coffee farmers with free access to our events. This commitment has recently been reaffirmed with Mayorga Coffee investing in a three-year, multi-event sponsorship deal with PRF.

Through this sponsorship, Mayorga Coffee aims to champion Latin America as a coffee industry knowledge center; empowering the producers who make it all possible is key.

Successful scholarship applicants receive a free ticket to attend the two-day forum at the Salamanca Exhibition Center in San Salvador, giving them full access to the event’s incredible lineup of lectures, panel discussions, workshops, cupping sessions, and exhibits.

This is more than just a day out at a tradeshow – it’s a rare, unfiltered opportunity to network with coffee traders, roasters, and other professionals from around the world, driving green coffee sales in producing countries – PRF’s ultimate goal.

Founder and owner of Mayorga Coffee, Martin Mayorga, maintains that marginalized members of the coffee supply chain must be brought to the discussion table – not just because they are often overlooked, but because they have so much knowledge to share with the rest of the industry.

“The coffee industry needs to do more than talk,” he explains. “It needs to engage at the farm level, understand how producers are financed and how the supply chain operates in origin countries, and put relationships at the forefront of its sourcing models.”

PRF El Salvador is a platform for learning, networking, and creating new business. Simply put, it’s an opportunity that Salvadoran and other Central American smallholder coffee farmers can’t miss.

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How can you apply for the Mayorga Scholarship?

To apply, please fill out this application. The form includes a series of questions about your contribution to the coffee sector. Please ensure your answers are as accurate as possible, as we will use this information to determine eligibility for the program.

Keep in mind that the Mayorga Scholarship only covers admission to PRF El Salvador and does not account for travel expenses, food, or accommodation.

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2023. After this cut-off date, successful applicants will be contacted. We encourage anyone who is eligible to apply as soon as possible, as spaces are limited.

Mayorga SCholarship

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Over 100 Mayorga Scholarship applicants have been selected – are you next?