Pre-register for workshops and coffee cuppings at PRF Colombia

Pre-register for our workshops and coffee cuppings held by coffee leaders at PRF Colombia

As PRF Colombia approaches, we’re encouraging guests to pre-register for our various workshops and coffee cuppings. There are a limited number of spaces available for each one, so the sooner you sign up, the better.

These workshops will feature cupping sessions and will be hosted by coffee experts from all around the world, including from Colombia. Let’s take a closer look at the events on offer and what you need to know before registering.

Workshops on offer

We’re proud to share that PRF Colombia will feature some of the world’s foremost industry leaders in the coffee sector. As part of their involvement, they will be sharing a wealth of knowledge with attendees on everything from roasting and sensory analysis to production techniques and defects.

Below is a list of the workshops that have been announced so far, with more to come. Click on the title of each event to register for it.


Shaun Aupiais – Red Band Academy, South Africa

Freda Yuan – United Kingdom

Ryan LeRoux – Leva Foundation, South Africa

Daniel Horbat – Ireland

Jesús Salazar – México

Jean Etchats – Belco, France/Colombia

Root Capital

For more information on these workshops and who will be involved, click here.

Pre-register for our workshops and coffee cuppings held by coffee leaders at PRF Colombia

Coffee cuppings on offer

Alongside our workshops schedule, we’re also hosting cupping sessions in partnership with several organisations, who will represent coffee producers from Colombia and México.

Attendees will have the opportunity to sample some of the finest coffees from both countries, as well as the ability to network with some of the people behind them. 

Take a look at some of them below:


  • Cupping session with Varietales Finos/Granja Paraíso 92

Wilton Benitez – Colombia

June 30th 2PM | July 1st 11AM | July 1st 2 PM

  • Cupping session with Cofinet

María Rojas – Colombia

June 30th 11:30AM | July 1st 11:30AM

  • Cupping session with Cafeología

Jesús Salazar – México

July 1st 9:30AM

  • Cupping session with Innovakit

Hugo Lopez – Colombia

June 30th 2:30PM | July 1st 9:30AM

For more information on these coffee cuppings and who will be involved, click here.

Frequently asked questions

Where will workshops and cuppings take place at PRF Colombia?

We will be holding a series of workshops, mini-lectures, and coffee cuppings in the Education Hub and Cuppings areas of PRF Colombia. These will be located on the first floor of the Plaza Mayor building, next to the Auditorium.

We will have two rooms dedicated to workshops and four rooms dedicated to coffee cuppings. 

How many people can attend the workshops?

The workshops and mini-lectures will be held in two rooms which can accommodate a maximum of 30 and 50 people, respectively.

What types of workshops and mini-lectures can I attend?

There are two types of workshops at PRF Colombia: interactive and non-interactive (mini-lectures). Each of them will last up to 35 minutes.

During interactive workshops, all the attendees will participate in a set of hands-on activities and will be encouraged to discuss and interact with other participants.

In non-interactive workshops (or mini-lectures), the speakers will give a presentation on a specific subject.

Do I have to pre-register for the workshops and cuppings?

Yes! Please click on the title of the workshop or cupping session you would like to attend and complete the form.

Each event has a limited number of seats depending on the capacity of the room and the activities participants will be involved in.

Do I have to bring my own materials for the interactive workshops?

All materials and resources needed for the interactive workshops will be provided at the event. The organisers will contact you via email if you will be required to bring your own materials.

We hope to see you at PRF Colombia 2022. These workshops and cuppings will be a highlight of the two-day PRF agenda, and we encourage everyone to pre-register as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out.For more updates about PRF Colombia, you can visit our news page here.

Pre-register for workshops and coffee cuppings at PRF Colombia