Previous PRF Events

PRF Colombia 2023

PRF Colombia 2023 was a resounding triumph, uniting global coffee leaders teeming with entrepreneurial spirit. With over 5000 attendees from 40+ nations and the dedicated passion of 230 volunteers, from 21 countries, the event further underscored our spirit of international collaboration and passion.

For two days, PRF showcased unparalleled innovation and excellence, as well as groundbreaking discussions, including the inaugural No Filter panels, fearlessly tackling the most pressing and provocative topics, igniting intellectual fervor, stimulating critical discourse and inspiring bold actions within the industry.

From the prestigious Global Roasting Contest, to the thrilling Cold Brew Championship, and the authentically Colombian Campeonato de Olla, participants from across the globe engaged in a riveting display of skill, passion and heritage, culminating in the coronation of 3 new champions who embodied the very essence of excellence.

PRF Colombia 2023 served as an unparalleled platform for forging lasting partnerships and alliances. With an impressive turnout of industry leaders, we fostered an environment of meaningful collaborations and robust networking, laying groundwork for enduring relationships that are poised to shape the future of the global coffee community.

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Virtual PRF Honduras 2021

The fourth edition of Producer & Roaster Forum welcomed more than 1,500 people from over 50 different countries to its virtual event. Across two days, coffee professionals from a range of backgrounds took part in discussions, attended networking rooms, and heard talks from leading figures in the sector.

With more than 800 companies represented and a high level of engagement that lasted long after the event, Virtual PRF achieved its aim of promoting constructive discourse about the real issues and innovations in the coffee sector.

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PRF Colombia 2022

PRF Colombia welcomed thousands of guests across both days in Medellín. Take a look at some of the highlights in this video!

PRF Colombia was the fifth iteration of the world-class coffee event: an industry-leading coffee forum taking place in an origin country.

As well as being an essential platform for coffee professionals, the event featured a lineup of industry leaders and experts giving speeches and hosting panel discussions over both days.

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PRF El Salvador 2023

PRF El Salvador 2023 was a huge success! The event brought together more than 2500 attendees per day including coffee producers, roasters, and industry professionals from around the world for two days of networking, education, and inspiration in Salamanca Exhibition Center. The event also marked the launch of the Global Coffee Awards, which recognized excellence and innovation in the industry alongside the Global Roasting Contest, Cold Brew Championship by Toddy and hostd the two National Barista and Brewers Champioships. 

With the participation of top industry leaders and experts, PRF El Salvador provided plenty of opportunities for networking and business development. Exhibitors showcased their products and services, while attendees forged new partnerships and collaborations.

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At the inaugural Producer & Roaster Forum, we headed to Cuatro M in El Salvador to learn from diverse voices in the coffee industry. Speakers came from all over the world – the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East – to discuss topics including specialty coffee production in Indonesia and Brazil, how producers can build relationships with roasters, and the best ways to use storage and drying technology.

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The 2017 Producer & Roaster Forum was held in Brazil, the world’s largest producer of coffee. Why Brazil? Not only does this country have a huge impact on the global coffee industry, it’s also creating innovative solutions for issues including traceability, sustainability, and more. Many of these get overlooked because it’s Brazil – but we believe it’s time to change that dialogue.

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PRF Guatemala 2019

More than 90 coffee roasters and 450 coffee producers – 33 of them on a scholarship funded by gold sponsor Mayorga Organics – came to Guatemala for the 2019 Producer & Roaster Forum. Over the five days, roasters experienced coffee cuppings, farm-visits, and presentations by industry leaders from as far afield as Europe, Oceania, and North America.