PRF and Ally Coffee partner on four-event sponsorship

At its heart, PRF is all about connecting the heroes of our industry – coffee producers – with the companies that distribute their crop to coffee lovers around the world. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Ally Coffee, our Official Bronze Sponsor for PRF El Salvador. What’s more, Ally has signed on as a partner for four PRF events in total, meaning it’ll be present at PRF Colombia as the Official Bronze Sponsor later this year – and beyond.

Ally Coffee is a specialty green coffee importer with a global scope, operating out of Germany, Dubai, Costa Rica, Colombia, the US, Sweden, and Switzerland. Its representatives reach even further, working with a diverse range of producers and roasters in producing and consuming countries.

The company is looking forward to welcoming thousands of attendees to the Salamanca Exhibition Center in San Salvador on March 16 & 17. Let’s take a look at what this incredible long-term partnership brings to the table.

Ally Coffee, green coffee importer, renews sponsorship for 4 more events. Meet them at PRF El Salvador.

A green coffee network that’s always expanding

Since our last PRF event in Colombia in 2022, Ally Coffee has continued to grow, expanding into the Oceania & Asia region. For producers attending PRF El Salvador, that means wider access to roasters in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore – with more markets to come.

Stephanie Calato is Marketing Manager at Ally Coffee. She says that the company’s main purpose is to open up opportunities that move coffee forward.

“Through this purpose – as a connection between producers and roasters – we aim to build and foster relationships across producing and consuming countries to drive the industry forward,” she explains.

“Our ambition is to continue to build Ally Coffee on foundations of shared value and mutual reward and make coffee a global model for business.”

Ally also recently shared the Sustainability Policy of Grupo Montesanto Tavares (GMT), its parent company, along with its first Sustainability Report as a group. Stephanie adds that this has helped it to formalize the commitments that have always guided its sustainability activities.

“This policy is a re-enforcement of our actions throughout the supply chain with an emphasis on coffee producing countries and our partners at origin.”

Last year, it also hosted its first Champions Trip since 2019, taking coffee professionals from one end of the supply chain to the other and visiting producing partners in Brazil. 

“These trips allow us to bring the ends of the supply chain closer together, to create connections, and continue fostering inspiration and education within the specialty coffee industry,” Stephanie says.

Ally Coffee will be abronze sponsor at prf el salvador and prf colombia in 2023.

Ally Coffee at PRF El Salvador

As our Official Bronze Sponsor, Ally Coffee will be on hand at PRF El Salvador to catalyze connections between Central American coffee producers and potential partners in roasting and green coffee trading.

Naturally, Ally itself is an incredible partner for producers around the world. Stephanie hopes that the company’s extensive experience will be a perfect fit for the event.

“We’ve believed in the vision of Producer & Roaster Forum from the start, and are proud to continue sponsoring and supporting the space it provides to coffee professionals who can gain new insights and learn from each other,” she explains.

It’s this belief that has convinced Ally of PRF’s potential as a globally recognized coffee industry event. That’s why it’s partnered with us for the next four PRF events, including two this year: PRF El Salvador and PRF Colombia.

“PRF gives those in coffee an opportunity to gather together, share ideas, develop relationships, and discover ways to advance our industry.”

These gatherings will take place through lectures and panel discussions, around coffee cupping tables, and at the intimate workshops we’ll be hosting for our attendees.

Ally Coffee partners for four more years with prf el salvador.

PRF El Salvador is now just days away, and we can’t wait to welcome Central American coffee producers and other professionals from around the world. 

“We’re very excited to be part of the upcoming PRF in El Salvador, and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces,” Stephanie agrees.

For more information on Ally Coffee and the work it does to create a sustainable future for coffee, visit the official website here.

Tickets for PRF El Salvador are still on sale. Visit our ticketing page here to secure your place ahead of the two-day forum, which takes place on 16 & 17 March 2023.

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PRF and Ally Coffee partner on four-event sponsorship