The Diamond Sponsor for PRF Colombia has been confirmed, with Mayorga Coffee returning as the principal sponsor for the producer-focused forum. 

Returning for a third year as the Diamond Sponsor of PRF, Mayorga Coffee is a producer and supplier of artisanal, organic foods sourced from Latin America.

Founder of Mayorga Coffee, Martin Mayorga has featured as a keynote speaker at previous PRF events. Whilst attending the 2022 edition of PRF, Martin will deliver another keynote presentation, and connect with industry professionals from across the supply chain. 

Mayorga Coffee will be the Diamond Sponsor of PRF Colombia in 2022.
Mayorga Coffee will be the Diamond Sponsor of PRF 2022. Pictured: Martin Mayorga
Mayorga Coffee

About Mayorga Coffee 

The youngest of four children, Martin was born in Guatemala before moving to Costa Rica, Peru and then finally, the United States. During travels during his youth to Central America, Martin says that he was exposed to the realities of systemic poverty present in agricultural communities. 

By the time he was 18 years old, he realised that he needed to find a way to leverage his opportunities and resources, in order to re-balance the inequities in the supply chain. Since founding Mayorga Coffee in 1997, Martin and his team have operated with direct sourcing practices, importing artisanal organic products such as chia, quinoa and beans from several Central American countries.

This direct sourcing model also includes coffee cultivated and produced in Latin America, which is imported and distributed by the US-based Mayorga Coffee team. Martin says that more than ever, it is important to evaluate the coffee supply chain, and find ways to improve engagement between producers and roasters. 

“The coffee industry generally talks about engagement but in practice, the supply chain is more segmented than ever,” Martin says.

“Small roasters are uneducated about producers’ realities, and small producers are still being exploited.”

Mayorga Coffee aims to share their focus on equitable sourcing practices with attendees of PRF Colombia.
Mayorga Coffee aims to share their focus on equitable sourcing practices with attendees of PRF Colombia.
Mayorga Coffee 

Mayorga Coffee at PRF Colombia

In addition to providing a keynote speech at PRF Colombia, Martin and the Mayorga Coffee team will also have a booth to enable attending roasters and producers to visit, ask questions and learn about their sourcing model.

Mayorga Coffee will also host a Networking Lounge, which will enable attendees with VIP tickets to enjoy comfortable seating, entertainment and the opportunity to closely network with other visitors to PRF Colombia. 

Whilst recently speaking to Martin about PRF Colombia, he emphasized to us the importance of providing the opportunity for different stakeholders in the coffee sector to connect, network and share ideas on enabling equitable trade of coffee. 

“The only way to understand the realities of the supply chain is to have the relevant parties engage in dialogue,” Martin says. 

“In my opinion, PRF is the best event for this engagement—especially given that it takes place in coffee producing countries.”

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PRF Colombia Diamond Sponsor confirmed