Welcome to the PRF Media Center! Here, you’ll find all the information and resources you need to cover the PRF Colombia event. Our goal is to help you produce high-quality content while promoting the event and providing accurate information to your audience.

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PRF press pass

In exchange for providing you with a full event pass, we ask that you produce and share any or all of the following: articles, blog posts, videos, audio, write-up, reviews, or social media content to help promote the event.

Please note that individuals who do not qualify as press will need to purchase their ticket to attend PRF Colombia. 

The PRF Colombia press accreditation gives you the opportunity to:

Access all the speeches, panels and workshops across both days, which will cover the latest trends, technologies, and other topics in the coffee sector.

Join workshops, and conferences, held by international coffee professionals.

Interview international and national industry leaders and business owners from across the coffee sector.

Enjoy some of the best Colombian coffees while networking with other attendees.

Visit the expo area, where companies at the forefront of the international coffee industry will offer their products and services.

Be part of a world-class event that is held in a different origin country twice a year.


All media credentials will be provided at the discretion of the PRF team. We reserve the right to accept or deny credentials. 

For more information, you can get in touch with our team here.