PRF Colombia scholarship program launched

PRF Colombia Scholarship Program with Mayorga Coffee

In partnership with Diamond Sponsor Mayorga Coffee, we have launched a new version of our scholarship program for PRF Colombia. This scheme will see us award hundreds of free PRF tickets to Colombian coffee farmers who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Scholarship participants will receive a ticket to attend the two-day forum held at the Plaza Mayor, Medellín, on June 30 and July 1. Through the scheme, 500 farmers will be supported to build relationships with international roasters, drive green coffee sales, and discuss the Colombian coffee sector more widely. 

Furthermore, by attending the educational panels and workshops, participants will be equipped to learn about the tools that they can leverage to help them grow in the industry. 

Read on to learn more about the scholarship program and who is eligible to apply.

Aims for the scholarship program

Many smallholder producers do not have the capacity to attend international trade shows. This may be because of the travel distance, a lack of funds, or the opportunity cost of leaving the farm for an extended period of time.

As such, PRF Colombia and Mayorga Coffee have partnered to launch the scholarship program, which will help learn more about the coffee sector and meet prospective partners.

Martin Mayorga is the founder and owner of Diamond Sponsor Mayorga Coffee. He says: “The scholarship aims to provide these producers with the tools they need so that they and future generations can contribute to closing the inequality gap in the sector.”

Why should coffee farmers attend PRF Colombia?

Since its inception, PRF has successfully sought to drive green coffee sales on an international level. It’s estimated previous PRFs generated more than US $10 million in sales for attendees.

The reason for those who attend PRF Colombia is simple: it helps producers to network, raise awareness about the coffee that they’re producing, and potentially build long-term sourcing relationships with international roasters.

Martín encourages all eligible smallholder coffee farmers to apply for the scholarship if they can. 

“This event will help generate long-term relationships with many who attend the forum,” he says. “It is also an opportunity that is unlikely to be repeated in Colombia for some time.”

PRF Colombia Scholarship Program launches with Mayorga Coffee, Diamond Sponsor.

How can you apply for the PRF Colombia scholarship?

Applications for the scholarships will be open until May 15, at which point winners will be contacted about their application.

It is important to note that the scholarship program only covers admission to PRF Colombia 2022, and does not account for food, travel, or accommodation costs.

To apply for a scholarship program, please complete this form as clearly as possible.

In the form, you will find a series of questions about your contribution to the coffee sector. Please ensure you answer them as accurately as you can, as we will use this information to determine eligibility for the program.

“It is important that each scholarship producer is clear about what they want to achieve by attending PRF Colombia,” Martin explains. “This includes which contacts they might need, and where they want to improve their production or post-harvest processes, for instance.”

We look forward to receiving your applications in the coming days and want to encourage all smallholder farmers who are eligible to fill out this form. The aim for PRF Colombia is to foster collaboration across the country’s coffee sector, and it’s only by welcoming viewpoints from all across the supply chain that the event will be able to do so.

PRF Colombia scholarship program launched