• 1 container minimum.

  • These coffees will be traceable.

  • The number of lots will depend on demand.

  • Containers will combine coffees from different producers according to:

    • Agreed sensorial profile

    • Cupping score

    • Screen size

  • These coffees will be targeted at higher-volume roasters and traders. 

  • The aim is to create market for coffees scoring between 80 and 84 points.

  • We will develop a branding campaign to help producers differentiate and add value to larger commercial lots.

  • This will consist of:

    • Marketing surrounding the Producer Roaster Matchmaking programme. 

    • Branding and differentiation of lots into unique subcategories, such as those listed below.

    • Premiums will be reinvested into hurricane relief efforts and other social impact projects.

  • The aim is not to sell these coffee at incredibly high prices. Instead, it is to sell at volume and create long-term relationships.


  • ½ container minimum.

  • These are targeted at roasters, who want to purchase scoring  between 84 and 88 points.

  • We will follow a similar philosophy as outlined for macrolots. The main difference will be the target market.


  • Women-only lots

    • This will be coffee produced by women coffee growers.

    Organic coffees

    • These will be certified organic coffees.


    • This will be coffee produced by young coffee growers aged from 18 to 25.