Producers who have purchased tickets, been awarded scholarships, or sponsored PRF will all be invited to submit lots. Using the information and profiles we already have on our system, we are able to invite producers to their relevant certain subcategory.

Producers will then submit lots to the relevant exporter, who will coordinate with them directly to review samples. If chosen, they will then be sent instructions for storing lots and payment terms.

Through PRF, we have existing relationships with internationally respected exporters, many of whom are previous Host Sponsors. We have offered the opportunity to be involved to all of them, and will elect up to three exporters on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Instead of allowing one exporter to manage all sales, however, we aim to work with two exporters. Exporters will be responsible for:

  • Receiving (mill), cupping, and grading coffees from PRF producers
  • Managing (and storing) chosen lots
  • Preparing and shipping samples to prospective buyers (if required)
  • Receiving and managing payment from roasters
  • Managing payment to producers
  • Preparing lots, and shipping/exporting coffees

PRF Matchmaking Exporting Partners

Of the roasters we have surveyed, many have outlined that they prefer to work with existing importer partners as they already have existing agreements in place. As the matchmaker, we’re happy to be led by roasters’ personal preference, as we don’t seek to add any additional service providers or potential risk unless necessary.

However, we’re happy to recommend importers if required.

Participation is limited to producers who have purchased tickets, been awarded scholarships, or sponsored PRF Honduras.

We will be issuing a further update in January 2021. However, if interested in participating or learning more, please email