Recognizing Entrepreneurship in the Coffee Supply Chain

PRF Seed awards coffee producers who are cultivating innovative ideas within the industry.

What is PRF Seed?

It is an award that aims to empower volunteer and scholar leaders dedicated to cultivating innovative ideas within the industry. It provides recognition, financial support and mentorship to individuals striving to elevate their communities through entrepreneurial initiatives within the coffee production chain.

PRF PRF Seed offers a prize pool that begins at $5,000 USD πŸ’° but in our previous edition, it soared to $ 26,000. During the PRF: Farm Summit, this seed capital will focus on pitches centered around innovative farming techniques that increase productivity and sustainability in organic coffee cultivation.

At the heart of PRF is a deep sense of community full of leaders.

We have discovered that our volunteers and scholars are trusted leaders, dreamers and go-getters with innovative ideas worth seeding. Seed capital is crucial because it allows entrepreneurs to take their business idea from the conceptual stage to a point where it may be more attractive to investors for further funding. It provides the necessary resources for the initial planning and development that can help prove the viability of the business concept.

By planting the PRF Seed we can support the early stages of a new business venture, meaningfully empowering businesses growth and letting exceptional coffee ideas see the light.

We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs, natural leaders, community builders, go-getters or coffee industry visionaries. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ πŸ™‹ πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ As we are an international community, volunteers and Mayorga Scholars from around the world, confirmed for PRF: Farm Summit are welcome to participate in PRF Seed. πŸ˜‰
  • Confirmed volunteers or Scholars for PRF: Farm Summit.
  • Participants are required to record and share a 90-second creative pitch video with excellent quality. We recommend making it fun and easy to follow.
  • The pitch video must include an entrepreneur profile introduction, what the initiative is about, an overall plan and how much capital it needs.
  • Deadline for Application: September 1st 2024.

How does PRF Seed Work?

PRF Seed follows a phased and participatory process that involves the PRF community on social media and a panel of expert judges. Here is an overview of the program’s dynamics:


Preselection and Voting


Presentation to Judges

This dynamic encourages active community participation and ensures that winners are chosen fairly and transparently.


Registration for PRF Seed does not cover any expenses associated with attendance or accommodations before, during or after the event, including visas, travel costs (airfare or ground transportation), lodging, meals, etc.