Pacamara Ruts – PRF El Salvador 2023 Official Poster


Run to get your hands on this year’s limited-edition Official PRF El Salvador Poster, “Pacamara Ruts,” designed by local artist Armando Marquez, Founder of Ruts Studio. 

Full color print on heavyweight foldcote paper. Only 100 posters will be printed; each one numbered and signed by the artist. 

Our limited-edition posters do sell out and are never reprinted, so don’t hesitate on this special collectors piece.

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Pacamara Ruts es el poster oficial de PRF El Salvador 2023.

Final Size: 13×19”

About the artist: Armando Marquez is an art director, visual artist, and iIllustrator based in El Salvador. 

Armando is known for his passion for art and the subculture of surfing and skateboarding. This opened the path to finding a perfect balance between creativity and skill, giving life and uniqueness to his illustrations. 

Expressing a lifestyle that embodies a strong connection with the community and those who identify with his pieces, the artist’s personality stands out in each of them, and a love for nature above all.

About the print: For this illustration, Armando and the PRF team faced the challenge of finding the right context to showcase Pacamara, the unique coffee variety that’s represented a myriad of stories behind Salvadoran coffee since its inception. 

Different scenarios were evaluated until we reached this unique piece of art. We wanted the essence of El Salvador to prevail; the essence of the coffee-growing areas where these specialty varieties are cultivated; the essence of what a variety can represent.

Please note all purchases are pre-orders. All merch will be picked up at the event. However, if you’re living in El Salvador you could arrange a pick up for your merch anytime between your purchase and the event. To arrange a pick up contact us at +34627738034

Pacamara Ruts – PRF El Salvador 2023 Official Poster