Roasters and green coffee buyers that attend PRF


Jordan Montgomery from Fjord Coffee Roasters in Germany will be attending PRF El Salvador.
Al Fayrouz will be attending the leading coffee event in Central America: PRF El Salvador.
Stone Valley Coffee Roasters
Soyuz coffee roasting
Lab coffee roasters
Efico Green Coffee
We the origin coffee
Viva Coffee Roasters
Lola Beans Coffee
Fair Trade Coffee
Hot Pipes Coffee roastery
Da Silva Coffee Roasters
Jimako Coffee
La Cabra is a modern coffee roastery born out of Denmark.
DRWakefield green coffee traders will be attending PRF El Salvador.
White Owl Coffee Merchants from Australia are attending PRF El Salvador.
Markus Brun, the 2022 Austrian Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, from GOTA Coffee Experts, will be attending PRF El Salvador.
Saudi Coffee Company is attending PRF El Salvador in 2023.