Roasters and green coffee buyers who will attend PRF Colombia

Roller Costa Coffee roasters will be attending PRF Colombia in September.
Gust Coffee Roasters will be attending the Producer & Roaster Forum in Colombia.
Redbrick Coffee Roasters from Australia are joining coffee producers and green coffee buyers for PRF Colombia 2023.
Millersburg Coffee Company at PRF Colombia
Woodcat Coffee Roasters will be joining the international attendees for the Sourcing Trip Experience of PRF Colombia.
MillCross Coffee Bar & Kitchen will be joining the Sourcing Trip Experience of PRF Colombia 2023.
Al Fayrouz will be attending the leading coffee event in Central America: PRF El Salvador.
White Owl Coffee Merchants from Australia are attending PRF El Salvador.
Hammer & Chip Coffee from Canada will be joining hundreds of coffee roasters and producers in Colombia for PRF.
Bozeman Roasting from the United States is joining coffee roasters and producers for PRF Colombia and the Sourcing Trip Experience.
WOODS Specialty Cafe & Roastery from Saudi Arabia is attending PRF Colombia.