In 2022, we partnered with Mayorga Coffee, PRF Colombia Diamond Sponsor, to launch the Mayorga Scholarship.  This will helped more than 500 qualifying coffee producers attend the two-day forum in Medellín. The scholarship covered the ticket entry costs.


This scholarship aims to support 500 coffee producers.  who are contributing to the industry with innovative or inspiring projects.

Applicants were required to meet certain criteria; eligible supply chain actors included smallholder farmers, young coffee growers, women in the coffee sector, and producers who are inspiring people or otherwise innovating in the coffee sector.

Furthermore, applicants were asked to provide information on the work they do and their contributions to their communities (as well as the wider industry as a whole).

We’re delighted to announce that these scholarships were awarded. We were absolutely thrilled with the number of producers who applied, and we are grateful for the sponsorship of Mayorga Coffee.

Find out more about the scholarship program here.

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