Kofra Coffee Roasters (UK)

José is a visionary entrepreneur who founded a renowned coffee chain in the UK. With a focus on quality and passion, he creates unique experiences for coffee lovers in cozy locations, offering exceptional beans, and using impeccable roasting techniques that set Kofra apart.

Julia Leach from Toddy Cold Brew coffee returns to PRF Colombia in 2023.


Toddy LLC (USA)

Julia is a cold brew coffee expert who collaborates globally to showcase its nuances and flavors. Driven by a profound passion for the art and science of cold brewing, she actively contributes to the advancement of the coffee industry’s knowledge and education on this specialized brewing technique.

Martin Mayorga, founder of Mayorga Coffee and Orgullo Latino, returns to PRF Colombia in September 2023.


Mayorga Coffee (USA)

The head of Mayorga Coffee, Martin, is a visionary entrepreneur who has never stopped working to eliminate systemic poverty in Latin America.
From empowering small farmers, introducing sustainable products in the US market, organically grown goods,and responsible trading models, his focus is on ethical and sustainable production, as well as the distribution of artisanal and organic food and coffee.

Jason Kew from Kew Specialty Coffee will join PRF Colombia 2023 as a speaker.


Kew Specialty Coffee (China)

Esteemed coffee professional Jason is a top green beans trader in China. He expertly sources and distributes premium coffee. He hosts prestigious events like Cup Tasters Championship, Coffee Processing, and World Gesha Forum, fostering knowledge exchange and industry growth.

Konstantinos Vallianos from Kafea Terra (Greece) will discuss coffee trade at PRF Colombia 2023.


Kafea Terra (Greece)

Konstantinos is an experienced green coffee trader and trade execution specialist, with a vast background in the coffee industry through collaborations with major green coffee traders and European roasters. As an SCA lecturer, he shares his expertise in green coffee at a professional level.


Café Primitivo (Colombia)

Ana María is a fifth-generation coffee producer and Business Administrator specializing in Innovation and Business Development. She has served as an International Judge at the International Venezuelan Specialty Coffee Encounter (EICEV) and co-founded IWCA Colombia.


Al Fayrouz (Egypt)

Mostafa specializes in green coffee importation and owns multiple roasteries. He meticulously selects high-quality beans from different coffee-growing regions worldwide. His Turkish coffee brand supplies Egypt’s HORECA sector, where it is appreciated by discerning coffee lovers.

Traci Armstrong from Balzac Brothers will be joining PRF Colombia for a coffee discussion.


Balzac Brothers (USA)

Traci is a dedicated and long time coffee professional with a wealth of experience in the industry . She currently is the Vice Chair and a Head Judge for the United States Barista Competition Committee, a CQI Q Arabica Instructor, and is the Supply Chain and Quality Evaluation Specialist for green coffee importer Balzac Brothers.


Caf√© Se√Īor K (Chile)

Rodrigo, with a business and marketing background, ventured into specialty coffee in 2012. His company pioneers 100% compostable coffee capsules and sustainability. With a 360¬į conscious coffee model, he empowers coffee families and strengthens relationships through “Cultivando Futuro”.


La Bodega de la Finca (Colombia)

√Āngela revitalized her family’s farm through biomass management. Using pyrolysis, she extended the production period, improved coffee quality, and reintroduced cocoa and other crops. Her sustainable practices and biomass management set a precedent for profitable and eco-friendly farming in the region.

Santiago Carvajal

Forest Coffee (Colombia)

Santiago is a Quality Control Specialist at Forest coffee.


RTS International (Colombia)

Adriana, an experienced finance pro, specializes in factoring for exporters. With deep knowledge of coffee exports, she collaborates globally, identifying growth opportunities. Now, as the Business Development Manager for Latin America, she strategically drives growth in the region.

SENEIDA LOPERA-CARDONA hablará de La importancia de la educación química y fisicoquímica del café para la agroindustria.


University of Antioquia (Colombia)

Seneida, with an academic background in Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, specializes in Coffee Science and Technology. As a coffee chemist, she leads research teams, coordinates coffee specialization programs, and contributes to the innovation and technology transfer initiatives within the Coffee Cluster in Antioquia, Colombia.


Catie (Costa Rica)

Luis, with a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management, specializes in optimizing coffee propagation methods. He enhances techniques like cuttings, grafting, and seed propagation, improving plant efficiency. His work aids commercial product development, material prospecting, and the preservation of diverse coffee varieties.


TechnoServe Inc (Peru)

Patricia is a Renewable Natural Resources Engineer with expertise in environmental management and agroecology. She specializes in forest management, soil recovery, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development, contributing to the “Alliance for Coffee Excellence” project.


The Colombian Coffee Bar and Roastery (Canada)

Santiago has built a successful business driven by strong values and community-building. From a farmers market booth, he expanded to a multi-location roastery, fostering leadership and excellence. He supports producers to enhance coffee quality and establish sustainable partnerships at origin.

Valentina Osorio is a speaker at PRF Colombia 2023. She works at the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) and Cenicafé t coordinate quality programs and conduct scientific research on coffee.

Valentina Osorio

FNC & Cenicafé (Colombia)

Valentina, a highly qualified food engineer and researcher, plays a key role in promoting and ensuring quality standards in coffee production. Her work at the National Federation of Coffee Growers and Cenicafé involves coordinating quality programs and conducting scientific research on various aspects of coffee.


Ally Coffee (USA)

With a background in agronomy and several certifications in coffee quality and processing, Ricardo brings a unique perspective to his role. Ricardo builds relationships with producers worldwide, empowering them and fostering sustainable practices for a better livelihood.

Julia Peixoto Peters

Peixoto Coffee (Brazil)

Julia witnessed the challenges in selling coffees. Determined to change the dynamics, she founded a company that encompasses farming, production, importation, roasting, and serving of coffee. Her comprehensive business model promotes sustainability, transparency, exceptional quality, and fair treatment for producers.


Finca Cual Bicicleta (Honduras)

Oscar transitioned to organic farming in 2000, developing his own fertilizer formulas and moisture storage systems. His sustainable approach, combining innovation and resource optimization, exemplifies success in agriculture while adapting to climate change challenges.


Kafeterija (Serbia)

Zoran’s decade of experience has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the coffee chain Kafeterija. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have positioned it as a prominent player in the coffee industry, making a significant impact on Eastern Europe’s coffee culture.

Andrés Felipe Ospina will share his vast trajectory in the field of microbiology and coffee processing at PRF Colombia


Color of Nature Group (Japan)

Andrés utilizes his expertise in microbiology and coffee processing to drive innovation in the coffee industry since 1996. As Director of Colors of Nature, he promotes sustainability and high-quality coffee. Additionally, he leads La Cereza Coffee Research Center, fostering innovation and new processing techniques.


Sancoffee (Brazil)

Fabricio, with a background in agronomy and advanced degrees in supply chain management and agricultural engineering, leads the Sancoffee team. He is also the President of the National Coffee Commission, working to support Brazilian coffee producers and contribute to the industry’s advancement.


Mayorga Coffee (USA)

With a multicultural background and dedication to mentoring, Eduardo shares his knowledge and passion with the global coffee community. In addition to his expertise as a skilled roaster, he has achieved the distinction of being a two-time finalist in the US Coffee Roasting Championship.


StoneX (USA)

Albert is a renowned finance and investment figure. With over 20 years of experience, he’s a pioneer in price risk management for global commodities. Invited to speak at conferences, he advocates for coffee price risk management, driven by his belief in empowering others through business.

Matt Swenson, director of coffee for Nestlé Coffee Partners (NCP), returns as a speaker at PRF Colombia 2023.


Nestlé Coffee Partners (USA)

Matt drives innovation and sustainability efforts. Passionate about coffee education, he shares the story behind each cup. Leading sustainability at Chameleon Cold-Brew, he fostered community partnerships, empowering farmers and improving their livelihoods through better practices.

Luis Velez es experto en el arte del tueste de café y garantiza la calidad excepcional y los sabores distintivos del café de Amor Perfecto.


Amor Perfecto (Colombia)

Luis is a highly regarded figure in the coffee industry. With his expertise in roasting, he ensures the exceptional quality of Amor Perfecto’s coffee. He also actively engages in educational initiatives to empower others and deepen their understanding of the coffee journey.

Nicholas Castellano

Ally Coffee (USA)

Nick is the Creative Project Manager at Ally Coffee. He has co-hosted the Coffee & Technology podcast and now co-hosts Caf√© Se Escribe En Espa√Īol. Nick has worked in coffee for over 4 years now having worked on personal projects and on the marketing team at Cropster. He is passionate creating a more sustainable future for the coffee industry and showcasing more of origin.

Lucas Cuadros Jaramillo

Unblended Coffee (Colombia)

Lucas, a curious entrepreneur with a marketing background, views Specialty Coffee as an emerging “brands” business. He co-founded Unblended Coffee with his sister Sofia, guiding young coffee farmers in transforming their farms into successful brands. Their goal is to solve the generational hand-off problem by making brand creation accessible to young farmers.
Sasa Sestic (Ona Coffee) will discuss How to enhance aroma compounds during coffee processing & brewing at PRF Colombia.


ONA Coffee (Australia)

Sasa, a former Olympian and world champion barista, is an influential visionary in the coffee industry. His innovative ideas and respect for the coffee community make specialty coffee more accessible while promoting better living standards for farmers. He now leads ONA Coffee Wholesale and owns multiple cafés.

Scarlette Soanny Zeron

Empresa de Servicios Multiples Proexo Limitada (Honduras)

With 8 years of experience, Scarlette focuses on supporting coffee producers to achieve fair and dignified incomes. Her deep understanding of producers’ realities, her ability to establish commercial and cooperative relationships, and her comprehension of economic and climatic variables make her an advocate for sustainable development in the coffee industry.

Rubén Gallozzi Cálix

Celestina's Coffee/Regional specialist in coffee projects (Honduras)

Rubén, an agricultural professional with 25+ years of experience, has focused on the Latin American coffee sector for 15 years. He drives projects ranging from environmental initiatives to partnerships with industry leaders, empowering small producers. He is also a coffee grower, and his holistic approach promotes sustainable solutions in the industry.

Olga Cuellar Gomez

Promising Crops (Colombia)

Olga, an outstanding professional with over 16 years in the coffee industry, is a passionate advocate for sustainability and a leader in responsible practices. She drives sustainable development and environmental respect, collaborating with stakeholders for an ethical and equitable supply chain.

Juan Ricardo Gómez


Juan Ricardo, passionate producer of differentiated coffees and consultant in the coffee industry, stands out for his dedication to the production of exotic coffees and his focus on quality and innovation. His deep knowledge and commitment make him a reference in the industry, transforming beans into unique and exceptional experiences.

Piotr Kotarba

List + Beisler (Germany)

With over 10 years in the coffee industry, Piotr covers both commercial and specialty coffees. From soluble coffee to green coffee buyer, he evolved into a certified Q Arabica Grader and Q Processing Professional. He purchases at Cup of Excellence auctions and has traveled to 12 coffee-producing countries, considering his impact on producers. Passionate and experienced, he stands out in the world of specialty coffees.

Francesco Sanapo

Ditta Artigianale (Italy)

Francesco, CEO of Ditta Artigianale, is reshaping the Italian coffee landscape. A passionate advocate for specialty coffee, he embraces sustainability and inclusivity. With innovative strategies, he promotes specialty coffee despite the dominance of commercial blends. Francesco’s transformative leadership drives positive change, inspiring a promising future for specialty coffee in Italy.

Jonathan Moral

Café de Finca (Spain)

Jonathan, founder of a successful specialty coffee company with 14 years of experience, is dedicated to producing and offering high-quality coffees. His vision and expertise influence the industry and the coffee lovers’ experience worldwide.

Dale Harris


Dale, the 2017 World Barista Champion and coffee professional, serves as a consultant for diverse projects that have the potential to advance the coffee industry in innovative ways. With 15+ years in specialty coffee, he contributed to Hasbean Coffee’s growth, led UK operations at Ozone Coffee Roasters, and engaged in global projects related to retail, training, sourcing, and competition coaching. Dale’s passion lies in elevating coffee’s flavor quality through exceptional service.

Piotr Kotarba

List + Beisler (Alemania)

Con m√°s de 10 a√Īos en el caf√©, Piotr abarca caf√©s comerciales y especiales. De solubles a comprador de verdes, evolucion√≥ a Q Arabica Grader y Q Processing Professional certificado. Compra en subastas Cup of Excellence. Viaj√≥ a 12 pa√≠ses cafeteros, ponderando su impacto en los productores. Apasionado y experimentado, destaca en caf√©s especiales.

Francesco Sanapo

Ditta Artigianale (Italia)

Nick es el Gerente de Proyectos Creativos en Ally Coffee. Ha sido coanfitri√≥n del podcast Coffee & Technology y actualmente es coanfitri√≥n de Caf√© Se Escribe En Espa√Īol. Nick ha trabajado en la industria del caf√© durante m√°s de 4 a√Īos, participando en proyectos personales y en el equipo de marketing de Cropster. Su pasi√≥n es crear un futuro m√°s sostenible para la industria del caf√© y destacar a√ļn m√°s su origen.