Konstantinos Vallianos from Kafea Terra (Greece) will discuss coffee trade at PRF Colombia 2023.


Kafea Terra (Greece)

Konstantinos is an experienced green coffee trader and trade execution specialist, with a vast background in the coffee industry through collaborations with major green coffee traders and European roasters. As an SCA lecturer, he shares his expertise in green coffee at a professional level.


StoneX (USA)

Albert is a renowned finance and investment figure. With over 20 years of experience, he’s a pioneer in price risk management for global commodities. Invited to speak at conferences, he advocates for coffee price risk management, driven by his belief in empowering others through business.


Artisan Green Bean (Romania)

Founded Artisan Coffee Gear in 2013, providing top-tier equipment to roasters, and in 2019 started an origin-based relationship with green coffee through Artisan Green Bean. Afshin’s focus is to put Romania and Central Europe in the specialty coffee map, with initiatives such as the Slow Coffee Festival, and a hub that includes a roastery and a coffee business consulting.


Mayorga Coffee (USA)

With a multicultural background and a commitment to mentoring, Eduardo shares his knowledge and passion with the global coffee community as Director of Coffee at Mayorga. In addition to his expertise as a roaster, he has achieved the distinction of being a two-time finalist in the United States Coffee Roasting Championship.


Coffee Support Co (USA)

For over 9 years, Adam has evolved from a local roastery barista to Director of Cold Brew Operations at Coffee Support and SQF Practitioner. Passionate about quality and innovation, he specializes in cold brew production, constantly seeking to elevate the coffee experience.


Pinhalense S.A (Brasil)

Agricultural Engineer since 1977, with over 18 years in the management of large coffee estates and 11 years at P&A. Currently, he leads Pinhalense Equipment in Central America.


M-Cultivo (UK)

David Paparelli, a leader with 15+ years in social business and economic development in the coffee industry, co-founded M-Cultivo, a platform that empowers coffee producers, enabling growth beyond harvest seasons and benefiting coffee communities.


The Coffee Connoisseur Collective (United Arab Emirates )

With a Brazilian origin, Cleia trained baristas since 2005 and became a barista championship judge in 2006. Q-Grader, Q-Robusta Grader, member of the board of Directors of the SCA-UAE, and more recently a WCE judge, she is a coffee consultant, focusing on quality control, and Middle Eastern trends and consumption.


Valiant Coffee Roasters (USA)

Since 2007, Erik has been immersed in the coffee industry, progressing from a barista to a skilled roaster. In 2014, fueled by a passion for fresh, delightful coffee, he founded a company, and started navigating the complexities of the business world. This journey reshaped his perspective on commerce, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit through adversity.


Vero Coffee House (Lithuania)

Darius Vezelis, a respected coffee industry leader, evolving from barista to consultant and educator, championing specialty coffee and sustainability. His focus on ethical sourcing, roasting innovations and education uplifts global coffee standards and fosters a responsible coffee culture.



Bob Fish is the co-founder and co-CEO of Biggby Coffee, renowned for its warm and friendly coffee experience. With an international background and diverse education, he’s grown the franchise to over 300 stores, embodying a philosophy of happiness, friendship, and community.


Café de Finca (Spain)

Jonathan is the founder of a successful specialty coffee company with a 15-year history in the industry. With a deep understanding of coffee cultivation, roasting, and preparation processes, he has built a strong reputation in the specialty coffee world. His vision and expertise continue to influence the industry and the coffee lovers’ experience worldwide.


A History of Coffee podcast (Germany)

James Harper, an Economic History graduate, simplifies complexities on his podcast Filter Stories. With Professor Morris, he co-created the popular A History of Coffee podcast.


A History of Coffee podcast (UK)

Professor Jonathan Morris, known as ‘The Coffee Historian,’ is renowned for his book “Coffee: A Global History” and podcast series. He holds key positions at the University of Hertfordshire, contributing his extensive expertise in academic research and impactful activities.


Cultivo (USA)

A Brazilian farmer since childhood, who ventured to the USA in 2015, establishing his inaugural coffee roasting and importing company. Currently overseeing three roasting facilities alongside his coffee farm, he holds the title of SCA-certified Master Roaster and is actively pursuing Q Grader certification.


Latinas In Coffee (El Salvador)

Giselle, a coffee industry consultant, founder of Latinas in Coffee. As part of her mission, she led Grounds for Empowerment, providing seed capital to women producers. Currently manages programs at Pomona Impact, an investment fund in Antigua Guatemala.


BWT Water + More (France)

Antoine Communaudat, 29 years old, bridges his French/Dutch heritage and passion for water into a thriving coffee career. Transitioning from a swimmer to the coffee industry, he’s now an Export Manager at BWT Water + more, enhancing global coffee water quality for the best coffee competitions around the world.

Stephanie Welter-Krause

Swelter Coffee Roasters (USA)

Stephanie founded Swelter Coffee Roasters, combining her design expertise and commitment to sustainability. She champions a values-based supply chain, community support, consumer education, and environmental stewardship in the specialty coffee industry.


Ally Coffee (USA)

Gabriel Restrepo serves as a key member of Ally Coffee. His expertise in sourcing and sustainability has significantly contributed to Ally Coffee’s reputation as a leader in specialty coffee. Gabriel’s deep understanding of coffee farming communities and his dedication to fostering direct, meaningful relationships with producers have been instrumental in ensuring a responsible and quality-driven supply chain.


Cenicafé (Colombia)

With 28 years of research, the last 18 focused on post-harvest coffee processing, specialising in fermentation and drying, Aida is an innovator of fermentation processes and control methods, with much of her work being documented in farms, patents, books, and scientific articles.

silvio morales

COCAFCAL (Honduras)

Agricultural engineer with 40 years of experience. Certified auditor for agricultural farms and organic certification and external auditor for GLOBALG.A.P. and Rainforest Alliance. Specializing in soil conservation, agroforestry, and organic agriculture.


Paradigma Coffee (Guatemala)

World barista champion, working with producers to demonstrate how to improve coffee processes in Guatemala and Honduras. Coffee roaster, quality control advisor, and sourcer of high-quality coffees for export around the world.


Gento Coffee (Guatemala)

Ashley is a 3rd-gen Guatemalan coffee producer, Q Grader and Processor. Has worked for Ally Coffee, USAID, and led the National Coffee Association of Guatemala’s sustainability committee. She is the founder of Gento Coffee, a company that promotes sustainability at origin to increase farmer profitability, and encourage business models.


EFICO (Guatemala)

Renaud Cuchet has been the Managing Director of EFICO Central America since 2007. Based in Guatemala City, he oversees a team specializing in trading and logistics. His primary responsibilities include managing the distribution of coffee throughout Latin America and leading the company’s sustainability efforts with suppliers.


AnaCafé (Guatemala)

Experienced Marketing Manager with a Master’s from ENAE Business School. Leading strategic planning for the National Coffee Association – AnacafĂ©, focusing on global communication and positioning for Guatemalan coffees.


Food 4 Farmers (USA)

With 20 years of experience in NGOs, Marcela specializes in improving the lives of coffee producers in Latin America. Master’s in Agroecology and Food Security. Co-founder of Food 4 Farmers in 2011, working directly with coffee farming families to address food insecurity. She is passionate about listening to the voices of rural families and to provide them craft solutions to their many challenges.


Finca Montealegre (El Salvador)

Ana MarĂ­a & Jorge Escobar are producers of Organic Coffee in Guatemala and El Salvador.


La Hermosa (Guatemala)

Max y Claudia Perez are coffee producers from Acatenango, who craft specialty coffees.. Together, they built Finca La Hermosa, merging tradition with innovation for social impact.


Banco Industrial (Guatemala)

José Antonio has over 25 years in the banking sector, specializing in strategic areas with a focus on investments and financing. Currently he holds the role of Transformation Leader at Banco Industrial, and is in charge of commercial and pricing project management with the goal of enhancing business growth.