A PRF: Farm Summit sponsorship is the opportunity for your brand to align itself with one of the foremost events in the coffee sector focused on regenerative and organic agriculture.

For each event, PRF focuses on one different producing country, making this an unmissable opportunity for your brand to engage with the local coffee sector reaching producers, roasters, distributors, importers, and other industry leaders to build long-lasting business relationships.

Your sponsorship will facilitate a real impact and will help drive green coffee sales. We will be running a comprehensive digital campaign in the months before and after the event, which sponsors will benefit heavily from. This will culminate at PRF: Farm Summit itself, where your brand will be featured prominently over the course of the in-person event.

Ultimately, PRF: Farm Summit is set to create a huge amount of discussion about the coffee sector, and on the new regenerative and organic practices in the industry in Latin America more widely.

This means that when people think about organic coffee in Latin America, they’ll be thinking about your brand.

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