We will use a customised version of Airmeet.

Attendee profiles will be provided at virtual tables, virtual booths, and the speed networking platform. This will ensure that the attendees are always aware of who they are engaging with, giving them all the information they need to establish business relationships.

Attendees do not require any software downloads or additional subscriptions. The Airmeet platform is browser-based, and provides end-to-end encryption and is GDPR-compliant to ensure data protection.

Video communications on Airmeet are powered by, enabling real-time high-quality video chat between attendees.

The platform is compatible with most common browsers. However, we recommend the latest version of Chrome to be used for the best experience – Chrome 79 or later.

Other FAQ

We are in close contact with our in-country partners in Honduras, and are monitoring local laws and regulations and international health guidance every single day.

Our priority is to minimise the risk of exposure to Covid-19. If the safety of attendees cannot be guaranteed and hosting the event is inadvisable under guidance at the time, meaning the physical PRF event cannot take place in Honduras, ticket holders will be able to attend the Virtual PRF instead.

We will be providing regular updates related to this, and will be issuing a full update on 1 February 2021.

We understand the value PRF provides in connecting producers to international coffee roasters. As part of our plans for PRF 2021, producers can interact with buyers through:

Attending the physical PRF event.

Virtual PRF. The platform we are using has an outward focus on networking, and offers face-to-face video communication between all attendees. It also offers interactive networking tables and a speed networking platform.

Producer Roaster Matchmaking. See more information here.