These Terms cover all ticket sales by PRF save for the Sourcing Trip Experience which is covered by separate terms which will be notified to participants in the Sourcing Trip Experience.

These terms and conditions (“Terms” or “terms” apply between the person, firm, company or other entity specified on your booking form (”you” or “your”) and Producer Roaster Form Limited (Company No. 12205914). Registered in England and Wales. Registered office: Brooklands Park, Farningham Road, Crowborough, TN6 2JD (”PRF”) for delegate registrations for the event (including but not limited to conferences, seminars, workshops and networking events) specified on your booking form (”Event”). Please read them carefully as they contain important information. By submitting your registration to attend the Event (”your registration”) you agree to be bound by these terms to the exclusion of all other terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms PRF will be unable to accept your registration.

1.Your registration is an offer to PRF to attend an Event which is subject to PRF’s acceptance in writing (which may include (without limitation) email). A binding contract between PRF and you will only be formed when written confirmation of acceptance (”Confirmation” or “Confirmed”) is sent by PRF to you (whether or not it is received) using the contact details you provided at the time of registration. You should contact PRF if you have not received Confirmation within 5 days of your registration, but in any event if Confirmation is not sent within 14 days of PRF receiving your registration, your registration will be deemed to be accepted unless PRF notify you otherwise. PRF reserve the right in its sole discretion to refuse to accept your registration.
2.You will pay PRF any fees specified in your booking form for the Event (”your fees”). Payment of your fees must be received in full and in cleared funds by PRF upon booking.
3.Prices for each Event, where applicable, are correct at the time of publication. PRF reserves the right to change the prices at any time but changes will not affect registrations which have already been confirmed by PRF.
4.Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
5.You confirm that you are over the age of 18 years and acknowledge and agree that entrance to the Event will not be allowed to persons under the age of 18 years.
6.You are responsible for having your tickets, as purchased online, available at the event. No refunds or exchanges are provided for lost or stolen tickets or for a failure on your part to present at the event. It is your responsibility to provide correct e-ticket information (an email address) to allow adequate time for the delivery of tickets.
7.There will be a re-print fee of $50 USD for any lost or misplaced badges.  In order to obtain a re-print of a badge you will be required to present a valid photo ID.  Sharing, splitting or duplicating a badge is strictly prohibited and you acknowledge and agree that if you are found to be in in violation of this policy then you will have your badge confiscated, and you will be removed from the Event immediately and forfeit attendance eligibility in current and future years.
8.You acknowledge and agree that attendance at the Event is entirely at your own risk, and that this includes any interactions and/or dealings with subcontractors, sponsors hosts volunteers, service providers or other participants.
9.You acknowledge and agree that coffee equipment, hot water and heavy-duty machinery may be operated at the Event.  If you operate such equipment at the event, you certify that (a) you are experienced and knowledgeable in the safe operation of all such equipment; and (b) that you will, at all times operate the equipment and conduct yourself with due care and with consideration for the safety of others.
10.You agree that should you (at the exclusive determination of PRF) wilfully damage property at the Event belonging to PRF or the venue for the Event, then you will be required to financially reimburse PRF and/or the venue for the Event without limitation.
11.You acknowledge and agree that PRF has specific COVID-19 guidelines, which can be viewed here. These will be updated regularly and will follow national laws and regulations.  You agree to follow the COVID-19 guidelines as from time to time issued by PRF.
12.PRF may (at its sole discretion) change the format, speakers, participants, content, venue location and programme or any other aspect of the Event at any time and for any reason, whether or not due to a Force Majeure Event, in each case without liability. For the purpose of the conditions herein ”Force Majeure Event” means any event arising that is beyond the reasonable control of PRF including (without limitation) speaker or participant cancellation or withdrawal, supplier or contractor failure, venue damage or cancellation, health scares, industrial dispute, governmental regulations or action, military action, fire, flood, disaster, civil riot, acts of terrorism or war.  You agree that PRF is under no-obligation to inform you of any change.
13.PRF may (at its sole discretion) change the date or cancel the Event at any time for any reason. Where PRF changes the date or cancels the Event for any reason you are not entitled to a refund.
14.Where a Force Majeure Event has or may have (in PRF’s sole discretion) an adverse impact on: (i) the ability of PRF to hold the Event at the planned venue or on the planned date; or (ii) the Event generally, then PRF shall be entitled but not obliged (in its sole discretion) to either: (i) provide alternative facilities or venue for the Event; and/or (ii) reschedule the Event. 
15.To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, PRF shall not be liable to you for any loss, delay, damage or other liability incurred resulting from or arising in connection with the cancellation or date change of the Event howsoever arising or any venue change. You acknowledge and agree that the provisions of the conditions herein set out your sole remedy should the Event date be changed or cancelled and all other liability of PRF is expressly excluded.
16.PRF may (at its sole discretion) refuse admission to, or eject from the Event, any person at its absolute discretion, including (without limitation) any person who fails to comply with these terms and conditions or who in the opinion of PRF represents a security risk, nuisance or annoyance to the running of the Event. You agree to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by PRF or the venue owners at the Event.
17.You acknowledge and agree that you understand that PRF maintains a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, violent behaviour, and sexually offensive behaviour or actions.  This includes, but it not limited to: harassment toward another individual on the basis of gender, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, religion, creed, race, color, national origin, medical condition, genetic disorder, physical or mental disability, marital status, age or sexual orientation; physical or verbal threats; unwelcome attention; bullying, stalking; uses of physical force; behaviour that creates a disturbance or is dangerous, including lewd or generally offensive behaviour or language; using sexually explicit or offensive language or conduct; and obscene gestures.  You acknowledge and agree firearms or other weapons are never allowed inside of PRF events and that should you do so during the Event then this will amount to a breach of these Terms.  You acknowledge and agree that illegal drugs are never allowed inside of PRF events and that should you do so during the Event then this will amount to a breach of these Terms.
18.You agree that if you violate the above policy, either in person or online, then you may be removed from the event without refund and may be banned from future PRF events.
19.You understand and agree that PRF has taken steps to make it easier to report instances of offensive behaviour.  You understand and agree that it is very important to PRF that, if you should experience any form of harassment, then you should report it immediately. You understand and agree that PRF cannot address anything that it is not made aware of, and that PRF needs whatever detail can be provided, such as names or other descriptive information.
20.You understand and agree that if you experience or witness harassment, threatening behaviour, or other inappropriate conduct, you are strongly encouraged to promptly find the nearest PRF staff member for assistance.  If, at any time, you feel that your personal safety or the safety of others is in jeopardy, please call the applicable emergency phone number for the venue.
21.All unauthorised photography and the recording or transmitting of audio or visual material is expressly prohibited. You consent to filming and sound recording and photography of the Event as a delegate and you consent to the use by PRF of any such recording or photography anywhere in the world for promotional, marketing and other purposes.
22.PRF will handle your data in compliance with all regulations and guidance as are from time-to-time in force.
23.To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, PRF excludes: (a) all liability for loss, injury or damage to persons or property at the Event; (b) all indemnities, warranties, representations, terms and conditions (whether express or implied); and (c) any actual or alleged indirect loss or consequential loss howsoever arising suffered by you or any loss of profits, anticipated profits, savings, loss of business revenue, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill, or any other type of economic loss (whether direct or indirect). If PRF is liable to you for any reason, PRF’s total liability to you in relation to the Event (whether under these terms or conditions or otherwise) is limited to the amount of your fees received by PRF.
24.If, by reason of any Force Majeure Event, PRF is delayed in or prevented from performing any of its obligations under this Agreement, then such delay or non-performance shall not be deemed to be a breach of this Agreement and no loss or damage shall be claimed by you by reason thereof. PRF’s obligations shall be suspended during the period of the delay or non performance and PRF and you shall each use reasonable endeavours to mitigate the effect of the Force Majeure Event. 

You acknowledge and agree that PRF is not responsible for costs or losses associated with the purchase of non-refundable, advance purchase travel tickets or any other expenditure incurred by you in respect of the Event and/or travel to it in any event.
25.PRF reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. However, you will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time you submit your registration.
26.No person other than you and PRF shall have the right (whether under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (the “Act”) or otherwise) to enforce these terms and conditions between us without the prior written agreement of you and PRF.
27.This Agreement is governed by English law and you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Nothing in these terms shall prevent or restrict PRF from pursuing any action against you in any court of competent jurisdiction.
28.If any provision of these Terms or their application shall be invalid or unenforceable, then that provision shall be reformed so as to preserve the parties’ intent to the greatest extent possible, failing which, such provision shall be severed from these Terms and the remainder of these Terms shall continue in full force and effect.
29.These Terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding with respect to their subject matter and supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications between the parties.
30.These Terms may only be changed, waived, discharged or terminated only by an instrument in writing, signed by PRF.