☕️ Introducing the French Press Championship ☕️

As one of the most popular brewing methods in the world, the French press is one of the most iconic and beloved ways to prepare coffee.

For the first time, PRF Guatemala will host the French Press Championship in partnership with coffee brewer and accessory company Bodum – who will provide the equipment for the competition.

The French Press Championship is another accessible brewing competition which aims to make competing more inclusive for all attendees. Once more, it allows coffee professionals and enthusiasts from across the supply chain to participate.

Rules & format

A total of 21 participants will take part in the French Press Championship. All competitors must have their own grinder and kettle, but will be provided with a Bodum French press, scales, a stirrer or spoon, a timer, and a cup.

The competition will take place over three stages, with prizes for the top three highest-scoring competitors. All French Press Championship participants will also receive a gift.

  • The first elimination stage will take place over seven rounds
    • During each round, three competitors will prepare coffee at the same time
      • Only ground coffee and water can be used (no additional ingredients are permitted)
      • If there is a specific competition coffee then only this coffee can be used
      • Competitors may use a maximum of 35g dose in their recipe
      • Competitors must prepare a minimum of 200ml of brewed coffee
    • All competitors have 15 minutes to grind, brew, and present their coffee
    • All coffees are then served to a panel of three judges in identical cups


The judges will blindly evaluate each coffee and make a private assessment to decide on their favorite. At the count of three, all judges will simultaneously point to their preferred coffee.

The winner of each round then advances to semi-finals, and then the final round which will include the top three competitors.

  • Each round will be judged blind, using a cupping spoon technique
  • Competitors’ names will be marked on the bottom of the cups
  • There is no score sheet or formal evaluation criteria
  • Each judge will come to their own conclusion without discussing the samples with fellow judges
  • After judging, the winning cup will be lifted to reveal the name of the winner
  • In the event that all three judges point to different cups, a predetermined head judge will taste the coffees and choose a winner

The championship will take place on 7 & 8 March 2024 at the two-day forum. Prospective competitors must apply in advance and have a PRF Guatemala ticket to take part. 
The registration deadline for the French Press Championship is 16 February 2024, and you can apply by filling out this form.

☕️ Introducing the French Press Championship ☕️