COLD BREW Championship

Toddy, the official Cold Brew Sponsor of PRF El Salvador, returns with the Cold Brew Championship in 2023.

How does the Cold Brew Competition work?

On day one, a set number of competitors will need to complete the brewing process and be assessed by a technical judge, who will ensure all criteria are met.

On day two, competitors will be required to present their cold brew in three different formats:

  • Pure concentrate; minimum 30ml
  • Diluted concentrate; minimum 30ml; ratio at competitor’s discretion
  • Designer non-alcoholic drink; must contain competitor’s concentrate

Three judges will then assess the sensory qualities of the finished products and declare a winner.

Each competitor will use the following:

  • Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit (set of three)
  • Clean water
  • Toddy SB Paper Filters or
  • Toddy SB Tree Free Filters

To compete in the Toddy Cold Brew Championship at PRF El Salvador from 16-17 March 2023, please fill out the registration form.