The PRF team will provide you with login details at least two weeks before the Virtual PRF event, so you can pre-register.

Sign-in will only be possible on the days of the event. By using the attendee registration link provided, you’ll be taken to the event window.

Click on the “Enter Airmeet” button, and log in using your email or with a preferred social media handle.

You will only be required to fill in your name, organisation, and a few other simple details. After this, you’ll be taken through to the event.

You can look at the event agenda here.

Presentations and panels will take place on the stage. In this area, attendees will be able to browse previous, current, and upcoming lectures and panels.

Attendees will be able to choose the presentation or panel they want to join. If it is an upcoming event, rather than ongoing, they will be able to “bookmark” it, and will receive email reminders to allow them to join in time.

There will be simultaneous live translations into either English or Spanish available for select presentations and panels.

As an attendee, you will be able to visit the following areas:

  • Reception area
  • Virtual booths & arena
  • Virtual tables & social lounge
  • The stage (for presentations and panels)

Attendees can network and interact directly with other coffee professionals in the following areas:

  • Virtual booths
  • Social lounge & virtual tables
  • Speed networking

Attendees will be able to speak via video chat and exchange virtual contact cards. These cards can include your email address, company name, social media handles, and more.

The arena features a virtual booth exhibition area. These booths will be set up by companies from across the coffee sector.

Attendees can interact directly with the representatives hosting these booths. This will include engaging in one-to-one video conversations, downloading materials, requesting quotes, sharing contact details, and more.

The social lounge is an area that consists of multiple virtual tables.

Much like at a non-virtual trade show, each table will consist of two to eight seats to encourage interactive discussion and facilitate meaningful networking opportunities.

Attendees can hop between virtual tables to meet new people, participate in video discussions, exchange contact cards, and more.

The Virtual PRF speed networking platform will allow attendees to speak one-to-one with other participants for a limited period of time.

Upon entering the platform, you will be matched with the next available participant in a video or audio chat. You will be notified 30 seconds before the current meeting ends via a flashing timer, and will be able to use the chat box to exchange details.

The mobile Virtual PRF experience will be limited to watching live streams of presentations and panels. Other interactive features, such as virtual booths, tables, and speed networking, will not be available for mobile users.

We recommend that users sign via desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection and the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.

Yes, all presentations (and panels) will be saved and shared after the virtual event across a range of platforms. These will include PRF social media channels, newsletters, the PRF website, and so on.