As a sponsor, your brand and sponsorship status will be visible on:

  • Virtual PRF landing page
  • The reception area
  • Virtual booths & arena
  • Virtual tables & social lounge
  • Stage area (used for presentations and panel discussions)

Visibility will be tiered according to sponsorship level, from Diamond to Bronze.

The Virtual PRF landing page will showcase key event details including the title, date, time, and description of certain presentations or discussions.

PRF Sponsors will be showcased, according to their sponsorship level, through the placement of their logo and branding on the landing page.

We will hyperlink these logos to allow them to directly link to your website.

Our reception area will be an official welcome area for event participants and speakers. Here, attendees and speakers will be able to see what’s happening live on stage, view sponsor branding, and more.

Branding and logos will be visible throughout the reception area, in addition to a dedicated sponsor area.

The arena is a virtual booth exhibition area.

Virtual booths offer sponsors a wide range of options to promote themselves. Booths can be customised with company-specific details such as:

  • Social media channel links
  • Embedded videos
  • Marketing materials
  • Branding/graphics

Within these booths, company representatives will be able to speak to and engage with attendees through one-to-one video conferences. These will allow you to, for example, share product demos, talk about what your company does, and connect for future networking opportunities.

If an attendee is interested in your company, they can press the “I am interested” button to share their contact details with you and take the discussion further.

The social lounge will allow attendees to interact with each other by hopping between virtual tables to meet new people and have face-to-face conversations. Attendees can “take a seat” at a table to engage with one another, network, exchange contact details, and more.

Sponsors will be able to interact with attendees by hosting a virtual table in the lounge. Hosted tables will come equipped with branded conversation labels and sponsor logos to engage with participants. These can be used to promote your organisation or start a conversation, for example.

The social lounge is an area that consists of multiple virtual tables.

Much like at a non-virtual trade show, each table will consist of two to eight seats to encourage interactive discussion and facilitate meaningful networking opportunities.

As part of PRF’s vision, we will invite world-leading experts from Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, Asia and the Americas to present on key topics.

Attendees will be able to view a range of live or pre-recorded panels and lectures in HD format. If you’d like to submit a request to be a speaker, please email julio@perfectdailygrind.com.

Each will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Sponsors are not guaranteed the opportunity to be a speaker.

The virtual stage will be able to host multiple presentations at the same time. Virtual PRF attendees will be able to simply view the schedule and choose the presentation that they would like to attend.

Each presentation features a branded backdrop for sponsors, and pre-recorded sponsor videos that can be played in between presentations.

Yes. We have contacted each sponsor directly via email, outlining the digital promotion we have customised for their sponsorship level as part of the pre-event campaign.

This campaign will include social media posts, newsletter logo features, blog posts, editorial content, and press releases.