Why exhibit at PRF Colombia?

Be am exhibitor at PRF Colombia to network with attendees and coffee professionals.

A number of speakers, panelists, and sponsors have been confirmed for PRF Colombia, but there is still space for exhibitors in Colombia to book booths, workshops, and event areas. 

Taking place over two days (June 30 & July 1), PRF Colombia will welcome approximately 5,000 coffee producers, roasters, and other professionals in Medellín, at the Plaza Mayor convention centre. 

The aim is that this event will help stakeholders from the Colombian coffee industry meet and network with potential partners from around the world.

We expect thousands of attendees at the event, including many roasters, producers, co-ops, exporters, and more.

Read on to find out more about why you and other Colombian exhibitors should attend and participate in PRF Colombia.

Engage with industry-leading experts 

There are a number of expert speakers and panelists already confirmed for PRF Colombia. We also anticipate that thousands of producers, roasters, and other coffee industry stakeholders will attend.

Despite this, there is availability for potential exhibitors at PRF Colombia, including booth spaces, workshops, microlectures, and more. 

PRF speakers and sponsors already include some of the most prominent brands in the global coffee industry, such as Mayorga Coffee (PRF Diamond Sponsor), Pinhalense, MTPak Coffee (PRF Gold Sponsor), Carmomaq, Latin Coffee, Forest Coffee, Innovakit, Cosecha Trade, and Amor Perfecto, as well as other producers and roasters.

For Colombian coffee businesses, the opportunity to exhibit alongside these brands is especially important, as PRF changes location every year.

Connect with businesses across the coffee sector 

Many international brands will have booths at PRF Colombia, giving them the opportunity to directly interact with thousands of attendees from across the industry. As well as being a marketing opportunity, this is also a chance to network.

PRF Founder Henry Wilson explains that PRF was created to connect producers and roasters.

“PRF events were and are targeted exclusively around producers and roasters, and we built the infrastructure in the event around it,” he says. “There are immense opportunities for exhibitors from all areas of the coffee industry to connect and do business with other businesses.”

However, he adds that PRF events are not solely for producers and roasters.

“It’s not only representatives and companies involved in coffee production and roasting, but other areas such as finance, packaging, logistics, quality control, fertilisers, and much more,” he says.

The idea, Henry says, is that PRF Colombia will be a global coffee event welcoming thousands of international attendees, but based in Colombia, rather than Europe or the US.

Exhibit in a number of ways

Businesses exhibiting at PRF Colombia can connect and interact with international attendees in a number of ways. This includes:

  • Industry booths (available in a variety of sizes)
  • Custom workshops
  • Expert panels and lectures from industry leaders 
  • Cupping, tastings, and product demonstrations
  • Roundtable events with producers, roasters, and other coffee professionals 
  • Microlecture and presentation halls
  • Free attendee passes for the two-day forum (varies according to booking)

Be part of an accessible, industry-leading event 

PRF events focus on promoting producers and other industry stakeholders from coffee producing countries.

Henry believes that this is important for both domestic and international visitors.

“The most important component of PRF is that it actually takes place in coffee producing countries, as opposed to somewhere like the US or Europe,” he says. “This way, producers and other stakeholders involved in coffee production are actually able to attend and interact with their counterparts and potential partners from across the world.”

He also adds that the PRF events, including the upcoming event in Colombia, are created to be cost-effective for attendees at origin.

“We also know that there are many people that can’t afford to attend these events,” he explains. “To make the event more accessible, we aim to subsidise the attendance from producing communities with scholarships, and also make the tickets affordable for local attendees.

“The people that come and participate, they travel across the world to be at an international event and really want to be involved. We aim to facilitate that, and go the extra step by providing them with an environment that facilitates business transactions and relationship building.”

If you’re interested in learning more about exhibiting at PRF Colombia, get in touch with a member of our team.

Why exhibit at PRF Colombia?