Why should coffee roasters attend PRF El Salvador?

Here's why coffee roasters should attend PRF El Salvador in 2023.

Producer & Roaster Forum is set to return to El Salvador on March 16 and 17 2023, where it will welcome thousands of attendees who work at different stages of the coffee industry.

Alongside Salvadoran producers, traders, and other industry-leading coffee professionals, a range of international roasters from all around the world will also attend PRF El Salvador.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of attending PRF for coffee roasters, and how you can buy tickets as an international attendee.

What can roasters do at PRF El Salvador?

At each PRF event, roaster attendees from around the world network with producers from the host country, learn more about the coffee they produce, and use the event as a platform to build long-term, mutually beneficial working relationships.

Roasters can expect to meet leading Salvadoran coffee producers at PRF El Salvador, providing them with the perfect opportunity to learn more about the country’s coffee industry. 

As well as being renowned for growing some of the world’s finest shade-grown coffees, El Salvador is also the home of some specialty coffee varieties renowned for their quality, including Pacas and Pacamara.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to get green coffee samples, and cup coffees from a range of specialty producers.

Alongside this, the event will also host lectures, panel discussions, workshops, cupping events, and networking opportunities, all of which will involve industry-leading coffee professionals.

Furthermore, the Exhibition Arena will give roasters the opportunity to network with a range of major international coffee companies from across the supply chain, as well as the chance to showcase their own brand.

Other benefits for roasters include:

  • The chance to learn more about new farming techniques, varieties, and more changes taking place in Salvadoran coffee production
  • Opportunities for market research and learning more about other consuming markets
  • Learning more about how markets are developing in coffee producing countries
  • More insight into how other roasters and buyers operate, and how you can change your strategy to source or operate more effectively
  • Learning more about emerging trends in coffee production in El Salvador and beyond
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Networking with global coffee professionals and brands

What about the Sourcing Trip Experience?

Before the two-day forum in San Salvador, we will also be hosting the Sourcing Trip Experience, which is completely separate from PRF El Salvador. 

As part of this, coffee roasters and green buyers will be given the opportunity to learn more about coffee production and surround themselves with opportunities to source amazing coffee. 

This experience runs from March 12 to 15; attendees will stay with industry-leading specialty coffee producers across El Salvador in groups of up to 15. 

The STE includes:

  • Farm tours
  • Wet and dry mill tours
  • Cupping sessions
  • Roundtable discussions with coffee professionals who work in production, workshops, and other interactive activities
  • Networking opportunities with potential sourcing partners and other roasters
  • Warehouse visits
  • Sightseeing
  • Organized dinners featuring local cuisine

The aim is for attendees who participate in the STE to build long-term sourcing relationships which are mutually beneficial for both buyer and producer.

After the STE, attendees will travel to San Salvador together, where they will be able to attend the separate two-day forum.
You can learn more about the STE here.

How can roasters buy tickets for PRF El Salvador?

Early bird tickets are now on sale for PRF El Salvador, offering reduced rates for all tickets purchased before 15 December 2022. Alternatively, roasters can purchase a ticket to the Sourcing Trip Experience, which also includes VIP access to PRF El Salvador. 

For those interested in attending the STE, we’ve already announced our first Host Sponsor for the experience: Los Pirineos. You can learn more about the farm and the incredible coffee it grows here.

Alongside this, we’re also encouraging roasters (as well as other coffee professionals from around the world) to apply to be speakers and exhibitors at PRF El Salvador.

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PRF El Salvador will be held at the Salamanca Exhibition Center on March 16 and 17, 2023. You can also buy tickets at the links below:

Why should coffee roasters attend PRF El Salvador?