Introducing new speakers on the PRF Colombia agenda

María Pavani will be a panelist at PRF Colombia and more speakers announced.

Producer & Roaster Forum Colombia is now right around the corner, set to take place on June 30 and July 1st at the Plaza Mayor convention centre in Medellín.

We’re excited to share that our preliminary PRF Colombia conference agenda has been announced, featuring expert speakers from all over the globe, including Colombia. 

These guests will host and participate in lectures and panel discussions that cover issues relevant to both the Colombian coffee sector and the industry on an international level. 

Read on for more info on some of the Colombian speakers who will be participating at PRF Colombia.

Our lineup of Colombian coffee industry speakers

We’ve put together a list of some of the people from across the Colombian coffee sector who will be speaking at PRF Colombia.

Read on to find out who will be speaking, and the topics they will cover.

  • Pedro Echavarria (Santa Barbara Estate/Pergamino): What happens if the market runs out of coffee?
  • Olga Lucia Cuellar Gomez (Promising Crops): ¿Es posible involucrar a toda la industria en los modelos de sostenibilidad actuales? (Is it possible to involve the entire industry in current sustainability models?)
  • Hugo Andres López (Innovakit): Herramientas tecnológicas para productores: cómo obtener cafés de calidad con bajo impacto ambiental (Technological tools for producers: How to grow high-quality coffees with low environmental impact)
  • Ariel Adrian Romero Jimenez (National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia): Cafés especiales: entendiendo la productividad desde la agronomía (Specialty coffee: Understanding how agronomy influences productivity)
  • Nidia Moreno (National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia): ¿Cómo lograr un empalme y relevo generacional en sector cafetero? (Achieving generational change in the coffee sector)
  • Cesar Augusto Echeverry Castaño (TECNiCAFÉ): ¿Cómo la innovación social y tecnológica en el origen ayuda a construir una mejor caficultura? (How does social and technological innovation at origin help to build a better coffee culture?)
  • Juan Vélez (Bold Coffee Company): Investigación en Café: Métodos tradicionales y fertilización química vs. técnicas sostenibles y biofertilización (Coffee research: Traditional methods and chemical fertilizer vs. sustainable techniques and organic fertilizer)
  • José Milton Cardona Gómez (Cocora Agroindustrial): Acciones de mitigación en las fincas cafeteras frente a la variabilidad climática (Mitigating climate change on coffee farms)
  • Gustavo Valderrama Tascon: Análisis sensorial: La clave para las áreas productivas y generadoras de valor (Sensory analysis: The key to improving productivity and adding value)
  • Luis Fernando Velez (Amor Perfecto): Speech topic to be confirmed

PRF Colombia is first and foremost an event that seeks to connect Colombian coffee professionals to the wider industry.

As well as providing insight on issues and innovations in the international coffee sector, the hope is that these talks and panels can serve as a backdrop for the event’s wider mission: giving Colombian coffee farmers a platform to network, thereby driving sales of Colombian coffee.

To this end, we’re encouraging in-country attendees to share this schedule and the preliminary agenda with anyone they think might be interested, to help maximise the impact of PRF Colombia.

For more about the expert speakers scheduled for the conference, visit our speakers page here.

Introducing new speakers on the PRF Colombia agenda