Toddy Cold Brew Championship returns at PRF El Salvador

Toddy Cold brew

Toddy, the official Cold Brew Sponsor of PRF El Salvador, will be returning with the Cold Brew Championship in 2023.

At PRF Colombia, competitors faced off over two days to create the best cold brew they could with Toddy’s Cold Brew Cupping Kit and Toddy Filters. The first ever winner was Colombia’s Mauricio Romero, a barista and coffee competitor from Bogotá.

We spoke to Mauricio and the President of Toddy, Julia Leach, to find out more about the championship and what participants can expect in San Salvador in 2023. Read on to learn more.

Toddy Cold Brew Championship returns to PRF El Salvador in 2023.

How does the competition work?

Julia explains that the Cold Brew Championship is a contest for those who love showing just how exciting cold brew can be.

“Cold brew is a nuanced brewing method that can showcase the best aspects of a coffee, and we can learn more from competitors about how to manipulate brewing variables to produce amazing and unexpected flavor profiles,” she says. “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to cold brew, and the contest demonstrates this beautifully.”

At the event, a set number of competitors will put their skills to the test using their coffee of choice. On day one, they’ll need to complete the brewing process and be assessed by a technical judge, who will ensure all criteria are met.

The following day, competitors will be required to present their cold brew in three different formats:

  • Pure concentrate; minimum 30ml
  • Diluted concentrate; minimum 30ml; ratio at competitor’s discretion
  • Designer non-alcoholic drink; must contain competitor’s concentrate

A further three judges will then assess the sensory qualities of the finished products and declare a winner.

Each competitor will use the following:

  • Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit (set of three)
  • Clean water
  • Toddy SB Paper Filters or
  • Toddy SB Tree Free Filters

Mauricio explains that the format of the championship is fresh and different to many other coffee competitions.

“I really enjoyed the competition because I met many colleagues who brought very good coffees,” he says. “This allows us to continue learning, and recognize that there are many good brewers out there capable of using different techniques like cold brew.”

What prizes are on offer?

The top three competitors – two runners-up and one overall winner – will walk away with prizes provided by Toddy.

Prizes are yet to be confirmed, but last year, the prizes included the Toddy Cold Brew System, Toddy Timer, Toddy Tumbler, and the Toddy Cold Brew Cupping Kit.

Register to compete at the Toddy Cold Brew Championship at PRF El Salvador 2023.

Mauricio’s only advice for anyone who plans to take part is to enjoy the experience to the fullest and keep an open mind when developing their drinks.

“Building on the success of the Cold Brew Competition in Colombia, we’re refining the process and contest to make things even better this time,” Julia adds. “With a bigger contest space at the venue, we will have more competitors. 

“We look forward to experiencing El Salvador and its vibrant coffee culture.”

To register for the Toddy Cold Brew Championship at PRF El Salvador from 16-17 March 2023, click here

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You can also watch Toddy’s President, Julia Leach, break down sensory analysis for cold brew below:

Toddy Cold Brew Championship returns at PRF El Salvador